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Cluster Magic

Retail eCommerce Soars: +142% New Users, +113% Sessions

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Company Background

SnoringHQ, established in 2013 by Mark Walton, is a leading authority in snoring solution product reviews, leveraging Walton's extensive background in engineering, programming, and quantitative analysis.

The company is dedicated to providing comprehensive, unbiased reviews of anti-snoring devices, fostering an online community for feedback and enhanced decision-making.

With a mission to offer valuable resources for snorers, SnoringHQ has evolved into a trusted platform for thousands seeking effective rest.


Our Achievements


increase in new users to the site


increase in ranking keywords


increase in total sessions

How we did it?


The ClusterMagic Strategy

Our content cluster SEO strategy, centered around the creation of comprehensive "pillar" articles that broadly cover key topics, supplemented by detailed "cluster" pieces the dive deeper into related subtopics. This approach, created a unified content web that enhanced both user navigation and SEO rankings

content marketing

How to make SEO magic?

There are two important considerations for creating high-value cluster content: Volume, Velocity & Keyword Difficulty.

Publishing Velocity

Current research demonstrates brands can drive more traffic by publishing frequently & rapidly.

Publishing Volume

Creating an overwhelming signal to Google by building topical authority via clusters.

Keyword Difficulty

We targeted keywords with low difficulty levels and high volume to optimize Shapeez's visibility in search engine results.

ClusterMagic Timeline

Analysis of brand, audience, ICP, and trends in the industry.
Keyword Research
AI-Assisted Content Draft
Edits by an assembly line of editors who provide human touch
Insertion of internal-external links and engaging visuals
Publishing Stage

Publishing Timeline

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Organic Traffic

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 4.09.23 PM

From the initial publishing month, Google’s organic users increased 34.96%  with a significant increase in new users of 33.65%.

Keyword Rankings


Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 4.12.26 PM

Looking at the blog, we are seeing a continual increase in organic keyword rankings due to ClusterMagic content.

September 2023


ranked keywords

December 2023


ranked keywords

March 2024


ranked keywords


Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 4.33.16 PM

A single article is starting to rank far beyond the initial primary keyword that was identified. In this example, you can see that Google currently ranks this one article for 61 different keywords alone despite the primary keywords ("whistle sound in nose") only having a search volume of 70. 


Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 1.19.56 PM

This graph compares the blog performance from this 3-month period vs the last 3-month period.  


in clicks


in impressions

Ranking Report

Looking at all blog content, SnoringHQ articles are positioned on the following pages of Google’s Search Results based on keywords:

  • Page 1: 33
  • Page 2: 80
  • Page 3-4: 239
  • Page 5+: 369
Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 4.36.53 PM

Example of article appearing on Page 1 of Google’s search results.

Our Results

ClusterMagic significantly improved SnoringHQ's web traffic and new user base. Our strategy and implementation improved organic traffic, keyword rankings, and non-branded traffic, resulting in higher clicks, impressions, and better search rankings, thereby strengthening SnoringHQ's online impact and achieving tangible business outcomes.


Increase in new users to the site


increase in ranking keywords


surge in total sessions

Multiply your traffic with

Cluster Magic

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With over 10 years of experience and 80 million in ad spend under our belts, we know how to guide businesses from fizzle to sizzle.

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Duncan Street

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you begin the Keyword Research process?

We’ll work with our researchers to narrow down a list of the potential keywords we plan to create content for. That will be shared with your team for review. When we consider the thousands of opportunities, we’re going to start with the ones with the highest potential for traffic.

What is a typical format for Cluster Magic articles? Do they include images?

We will add 1-2 stock images as appropriate. Internal links are something we’ll account for in the brief, but you can always add additional ones later if you see fit.

Are all of these articles for our Blog page? Should we create sub-cats withinour blog page?

Yes, it will be primarily for the blog page. However, having subcategories would be a great way to organize the different topics of content you’ll have for your users. It also provides a good user experience if users seek to explore other content on similar topics.

Will we have a dedicated person to guide us through the process?

Yes, you will have an Account Manager (AM) to guide you through the process while also working with an SEO Strategist and a team of researchers, writers, and editors. 

What's the average of words per article provided?

Your brand will receive 100 articles with an average of 1,200 words per article (120,000 words total est.)

How is this different than tools like Jasper?

ClusterMagic is a service, not a tool.

We use several tools (some of which we built ourselves) to deliver on our promise of 100 content pieces in 12 weeks.

If someone wants to use AI tools to create content, they absolutely can. But they’ll be missing the following (why we don’t heavily lean on AI alone):

- What should we write about?
- Is the content we’re writing optimized to rank?
- Are we choosing keywords that we even have a chance to rank for?
- Do we know and understand the search intent behind those keywords (i.e., what a person searching actually wants to see?)

Then there’s the whole issue of writing the content.

Jasper and other similar tools don’t write for you they write with you. Anyone who is starting to write with AI assistants has a strong learning curve ahead... So publishing 100 posts in 12 weeks? Good luck doing that and benefiting from the publishing velocity that you’ll get from ClusterMagic.

And even if you can publish half of that amount... What’s the point if the output isn’t going to drive traffic and buyers due to the lack of strategy?

The strategy around keyword selection may even be the most important piece of the Cluster Magic service. 

Who is ClusterMagic best suited for?

For brands of all industries with many information seekers and a broad range of topics. We're a great fit for brands that understand the value of reaching buyers in the early buying stages to increase their conversion rates and acquisition costs. 

We're not the right fit for brands that require highly technical subject matter experts.

How does the content approval process work?

Check out this video explaining how to download, approve, and publish the link of your ClusterMagic articles on our platform. 


Does Google penalize for content that is written with Al?

No, Google doesn't penalize Al-written content. Click here for full Google Search's guidance about AI-generated content

However, we only use Al as a jumping point. Our process relies heavily on the keyword research conducted by our SEO experts and the refinement done by our team of editors. That is how we are able to deliver articles with velocity and volume that also successfully bring in organic traffic. 

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