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Adding $13.9k Sales in 1 Month via Snapchat Ads

When Facebook Ads Alone Don't Work

Our client, Only Human, is an eCommerce apparel company that designs tees, stickers, and other items to support a variety of causes. 10 percent of their sales revenue is donated directly to a cause/non-profit organization they are supporting. In addition to creating a rotating collection of new products highlighting their chosen causes throughout the year, Only Human also has an evergreen collection that they sell year-round.

One challenge that our client continually runs into is that sometimes Facebook deems some of its monthly causes to be political, which puts restrictions on running ad campaigns. This created a revenue bottleneck for Only Human, because they aren’t able to run ads for their collections as consistently as other apparel and accessory brands do. 

We have worked closely with Only Human to figure out growth strategies that could overcome the challenge of Facebook restrictions. We discovered that by leveraging Snapchat, we were able to add close to $14,000 in sales.

Adding Snapchat To the Marketing Mix

Facebook’s limits were impacting the sales Only Human could bring in, and we knew we needed a new approach. We decided to branch out from Facebook to seek new successful ad platforms for our client.

Our team tested Snapchat’s targeting ability to find new customers and validate a new channel for Only Human’s marketing mix. By adding Snapchat to the mix, we were able to bring in additional revenue for our client that was being lost due to Facebook’s restrictions on political ads.

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Addressing the Challenges Presented by Facebook and Snapchat

We noticed that we were not getting as much out of the Facebook ads as we expected. Multiple disapprovals from Facebook were impacting the overall level of success that we would typically reach on the platform, making this one of the biggest challenges. 

There was a new set of challenges that came with using Snapchat: the ad approval process can take up to 3 days, and it’s common for ads to fatigue faster on this platform than on Facebook. However, when faced with not being able to run ads on Facebook related to the causes—plus Facebook impacting overall account success with multiple disapprovals—these are minimal setbacks.

Thanks to Snapchat's broad targeting abilities and a high-demand, easy-to-market product like tees, we discovered that it’s easy to find new customers on Snapchat. Because Only Human already does high-quality photoshoots every month, we had plenty of images available for use in ad creative, making the transition fairly easy.

Greater Success for Only Human Through Snapchat

Ultimately, we were able to maximize our results for Only Human through Snapchat. With 1.7x ROAS and 6.7x on retargeting audiences, we generated 209 purchases, generating $13,900 for Only Human. On top of that, we were able to diversify the digital marketing campaign for Only Human, by adding Snapchat as an additional marketing channel.

Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 1.20.17 PM

In the end, the lesson to take away is: if Facebook ad disapprovals are causing issues for your company, or if you are looking for a way to broaden your reach and target new first-time customers, Snapchat is a great place to start. Particularly, if images and videos are already a major part of your digital marketing campaign, the transition to Snapchat is relatively straightforward and can help you drive up your conversion rates.