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Stay top-of-mind and top-of-search with proven methods for driving traffic.

We use a lot of acronyms in this industry, and while we have them memorized and seem to speak our own language, we don’t expect you to!

The term SEM, or search engine marketing, refers to increasing your brand’s visibility by using a combination of organic and paid search strategies.

Where it gets confusing is when people start referring to paid search and search engine optimization (SEO) as one and the same. So here’s the breakdown: SEO refers to tactics that boost organic traffic, while paid search is, well, paid traffic.

SEO is part of search engine marketing, but not all search engine marketing is SEO. Confused? Don’t be—we've got this covered. 

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With over 10 years of experience and 80 million in ad spend under our belts, we know how to guide businesses from fizzle to sizzle.

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"Embertribe has been incredible to work with. Not only are they knowledgeable and the best at their craft but they care about you and your business. Highly recommend!"

Seth Bunch

Founder of Xylem Woodworks

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"I tried one company before you guys but you guys are better. And you're all good looking too."

Lisa Vigliorolo

Founder of Fusion Belts

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"EmberTribe has been an incredible ally in our growth strategy. In a short period of time they were able to scale up our ad budget 200%, while decreasing the unit cost for each additional sign up. We see them as an extension of our internal marketing team, which, for a fast growing company, gives us tremendous leverage when building out and scaling new user channels."

Duncan Street

Co-founder, Qeepsake

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“One of the things I love most about working with EmberTribe which has been a standout from working with other companies is that there's a level of ownership that the team has in what we're doing that you really feel like they care."

Cody Barbo

Cofounder, Trust & Will

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"All around great team...The EmberTribe team really answered my technical questions without hesitation...Helped me understand where my business was lacking. It's hard to find companies nowadays that really go above and beyond."

Joey Hettler

Media and Marketing Coordinator at Altis

Get Found On Google, Bing, and Yahoo

And wherever else your customers are looking.

You have many choices when it comes to hiring an agency for SEM, but here’s our recommendation: look for an agency that has earned the status of Google Premier Partner.

Google Premier Partners are ideal SEM agency partners because:

  • Not just any marketing agency can earn this designation. Google applies strict criteria to the companies it recognizes as a premier partner.
  • Google Premier Partners are recognized for consistently maximizing success for its clients with each campaign. 
  • Premier Partners have strong, proven Google Ad skills and maintain client campaigns with transparency and professionalism. 
  • At least 50 percent of a marketing company’s staff must have earned certification as Google Ads account strategists to get Premier Partner status. 

You expect your search engine marketing company to run your Google Ads campaigns from start to finish and we deliver. Reach customers where they are, whether they’re searching for a local take-out restaurant (we could go for a pizza right now) on their phone or just starting the search for a whole new wardrobe. 

People are already searching for what you offer. Connect with them across Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Client Success Stories

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Be seen everywhere your customers are looking.

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SEM and SEO Services

Get more traffic and sales on autopilot.

The argument over whether companies should invest more resources into paid search or optimized organic search traffic has gone on for years. Both sides have their die-hards who insist that one is superior to the other. 

Spoiler alert: both sides are right.

To them we proudly say “why not use both?”

The biggest benefit of paid search ads is that they can show up first on the search engine results page in no time. (Score!) Of course, it costs money to get them there. 

Organic SEO is relatively inexpensive, but it can take much longer to move your company’s website listing to the first page. That’s because you’re targeting keywords and search behavior to bring in visitors organically. 

Paid search brings in casual visitors faster, but organic search tends to attract warmer audiences over a longer period of time.

You need both for a sustainable growth system. Let's build yours today!

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Search Engine Marketing Services FAQs

We know you probably have questions, and EmberTribe is here to help. Below are answers to the most common questions we receive at our SEM agency.

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

Search marketing is a general term that refers to any marketing tactic used to increase the visibility of a brand or have it appear more often on a SERP. SEM can focus on organic SEO, paid marketing strategies, or both.

SEO is a set of tactics used to increase organic search visibility. A search marketing agency determines the appropriate keywords to target according to user search reports and results of past marketing campaigns. You cannot pay for organic search results, but they bring an incredible return on investment!

How much are SEM services?

This depends on your company’s budget and the services you select. We'd be happy to provide you with a free customized quote after learning more about your goals.

Are SEO services worth the investment?

With Google’s frequent algorithm changes and the fact that paid search offers faster results, clients sometimes ask if investing the time in SEO is still worth it. The answer to that question is a resounding yes.

You just need to consider how much everyday activities shifted online in 2020 and early 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic to understand that your company needs to invest time in improving organic search results. People are using the Internet more than ever, and your company needs to produce quality, useful information to reach them.

What are Google Ads and how do they work?

Formerly known as AdWords, Google Ads are online advertisements hosted by the world’s most-used search engine. You can run pay-per-click ads that appear in search results, YouTube, and display networks. Many clients have reported an instant traffic boost after we deployed their Google Ads.

Achieving success with Google Ads involves more than just placing the highest bid per keyword. Google also considers how relevant your ad is to the searcher’s query and the quality of your ads. After combining the scores from these three factors, Google ranks your ad for the SERP.

How Can I Find a Top Search Engine Marketing Company?

Congrats, you found what you’re looking for! Check out our case studies, client reviews, and services to decide if we could be your perfect marketing partner. 

Low-Stress Marketing Looks Like This

After you book a call and answer a few questions about your business, we’ll start researching and gathering insights about a growth path for your business.


  • 📱 Let’s talk.

    Book your call to get the ball rolling and discover how you can launch your growth to new heights.

  • 💡 Gain custom insights.

    Go over data-driven insights about your business and offer new knowledge to boost your brand.

  • 🧠 Strategize and plan.

    After you sign on with us, we get down to the nitty-gritty and make an actionable plan to get results that meet your goals.

  • 🚀 Launch and scale.

    We turn the plan into action and work with you to reach audiences and turn traffic into sales.

Got a question we haven’t answered yet?

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I felt like a lot of the partners I was working with previously, whether they're social planners or other marketers, I was very heavily involved. And luckily with EmberTribe, I was able to...let go of the reins a little bit.
Sarah WET Swimwear

Sarah, Co-owner of WET Swimwear