Our Proprietary Method


You won't find this method anywhere else. We analyze your business where it is right now and where you want to be and then engineer your unique growth system. 


Your custom growth system won't look like anyone else's because it will be tailored to get you results. At the core, your system will be powered by paid traffic. We'll use different traffic and retargeting strategies to improve your revenue (and profits) for sustainable growth. 

Watch the video below to learn more about our method from Halley, Director of Marketing. 


Inside Your System

Regardless of how your growth system looks, we focus on performance to align with your business goals. 

We center your system around paid traffic, then pull in additional strategies and platforms to support your goals. 

Paid Traffic

At the core of every system is paid traffic and, preferably, multi-channel traffic.  We categorize growth through paid traffic into three phases: traction, profit, scale. 


These are the phases that have generated over $500 million for clients since our founding.


Each phase has its own unique challenges and problems to solve before moving your business into the next one. 

Our Effective Testing Methodology

When we're actively managing your paid traffic campaigns we follow a rigorous testing process. 


We approach campaign management like scientists. We're constantly hypothesizing, experimenting, and seeking iterative improvements. We keep you informed, include you in the ideation and results review, but free you up to focus on your business while we constantly work the process. There’s no magic, just hard work, data, and experience.

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Channels Of Expertise

We're always expanding our reach into new channels so that our clients have sustainable growth at their fingertips. 


· Facebook Ads · Instagram Ads · Google Ads · Amazon Ads · Snapchat Ads · Pinterest Ads

· LinkedIn Ads · TikTok Ads · Quora Ads · Reddit Ads 

· Email · SMS · Messenger · And more

Who We Work With



EmberTribe has taken eCommerce to a scientific level. After years of managing millions of dollars in ad budgets, exhaustively testing strategies and growing revenue for hundreds of eCommerce companies, we simply know what works and what does not.

And when the market throws a curveball, we know how to test our way around the corner and still hit the ball out of the park.


Software-as-a-Service is one of the most competitive verticals in the market, and marketing these products is intensely challenging. As technology changes and as software purchaser habits evolve -- we are already ahead of the curve with strategies that anticipate the needs in this space.

Lead Generation


Give your sales team a leg up by capturing and delivering more qualified leads.

Our strategies never shy away from the right opportunity to engage potential leads, wherever they happen to be. 

Find out the difference a fine-tuned approach makes. Your sales team will thank you!


Client Success Stories

Wanna see our work in action? Check out these case studies. 

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