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From $18K to $370K in Under 6 Months


This is a single product brand that makes fans to fit at the end of beds for people who sleep hot - could be from illness, natural body temperature, outside weather.

This client has a product that took off as a successful Kickstarter project. Among other positives, our client has a dedicated following, a defined audience (age 45 and up), and strong branding around their commitment to manufacturing in the USA.

When this client partnered with EmberTribe, their goal was to find strategies to scale sales.

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The client’s product appeals to broad audiences, a definite plus. However, we also took into consideration that the appeal of their product is limited by its seasonality.

Initially the client's assumption was that people with illnesses would be our main audience. We went another route on Facebook by testing multiple broad audiences based on sleep, affinities, illnesses, health & wellbeing, and home interests.

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When we got started, our client’s pixel had a lot of data, but not much information regarding conversion data. Most of their spend had been focused on traffic campaigns. We anticipated a slow beginning as our team re-trained the pixel with more cost effective data.


When this brand launched a new model, there was a short break in inventory of older items before the new model was available. For this we tested a pre-sale campaign to maintain sales, which was effective.

Once COVID manufacturing delays began to impact this client's delivery of new models, we switched back to the pre-sale model to maintain sales throughout the summer while being transparent about delays.

COVID delays and restrictions have been our main challenge, parts weren't able to ship quickly and warehouse staff had to be cut back dramatically. We went from shipping with an 8 week delay down to the current 3-4 week delay.


EmberTribe’s campaign with this client launched on November 29, 2019. At that time, ROAS was at just 21%. Since launch, we have catapulted to a 2.53x lifetime ROAS. We were able to get the client from $18K in lifetime sales revenue to $370K in under 6 months. Since the launch of EmberTribe campaigns, we have now reached $685K in sales.

CPA also fell from $783 before our campaigns to $69 with our campaigns.


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