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Growth Marketing Meets Facebook Advertising Services

And it's a match made in heaven.

At EmberTribe, we see growth marketing as more of a mindset than a one-time accomplishment. Our experienced marketing team members understand that growth is not possible if we rely on one method and exclude all others. 

The best growth marketing plans are flexible and diverse, regardless of the client’s budget. For us, that means approaching digital marketing from every possible angle.

You already know what isn’t working for your growth: business as usual. Our specialty is finding the ideal blend of paid search, organic traffic, and other aspects of components of a growth system, that generates big returns. 

Get short-term and long-term results with Facebook advertising services designed to level up your business.Talk With A Growth Expert


With over 10 years of experience and 80 million in ad spend under our belts, we know how to guide businesses from fizzle to sizzle.

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"Embertribe has been incredible to work with. Not only are they knowledgeable and the best at their craft but they care about you and your business. Highly recommend!"

Seth Bunch

Founder of Xylem Woodworks

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"I tried one company before you guys but you guys are better. And you're all good looking too."

Lisa Vigliorolo

Founder of Fusion Belts

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"EmberTribe has been an incredible ally in our growth strategy. In a short period of time they were able to scale up our ad budget 200%, while decreasing the unit cost for each additional sign up. We see them as an extension of our internal marketing team, which, for a fast growing company, gives us tremendous leverage when building out and scaling new user channels."

Duncan Street

Co-founder, Qeepsake

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“One of the things I love most about working with EmberTribe which has been a standout from working with other companies is that there's a level of ownership that the team has in what we're doing that you really feel like they care."

Cody Barbo

Cofounder, Trust & Will

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"All around great team...The EmberTribe team really answered my technical questions without hesitation...Helped me understand where my business was lacking. It's hard to find companies nowadays that really go above and beyond."

Joey Hettler

Media and Marketing Coordinator at Altis

Your Secret Weapon is a Plug-in Facebook Ad Agency

As an extension of your marketing team, we'll handle ads management so you can focus on other things.


Imagine a world where you don't have to coordinate copywriters, ad designers, and Facebook ads specialists. Imagine a future where your marketing is fully managed by a team of experienced experts and your calendar isn't booked, your to-do list isn't a mile long.

Imagine unlocking new levels of growth with a Facebook ad agency that does so much more than run Facebook ads.

Now stop imagining—and take the first step toward a less-stressed, more productive role...and a business exceeding your wildest goals.

Client Success Stories

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Overcoming Seasonality to Achieve 119% Year-Over-Year Revenue Jump

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Is your Facebook traffic running cold? Let's break the ice.

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Facebook Ads Don’t Work? You Just Haven’t Cracked the Code.

We've got the key with our Facebook ad management services.

It’s frustrating to think you’ve mastered the art of advertising on Facebook only for the platform to change its rules...again. 

With 2.8 billion active monthly users, you have endless opportunities to get your message in front of a worldwide audience. This can also mean having endless opportunities to run ads that don’t get results. 

You may wonder why having such a huge audience is a problem.

The sheer number of users on the Facebook platform means you need to hyper-focus your targeting efforts to reach the right groups of people. How do you choose who to target from this long list of demographic options?

  • Age
  • Education
  • Gender
  • Geographic location
  • Income level
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Job title
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Number of children
  • Occupation
  • People connected to your Facebook business page
  • Relationship status
  • Shopping behavior

You can end up with disappointing results from your Facebook ads when you set your targeting options too wide or too narrow. A broad reach might bring you thousands of new leads, but the percentage of people with serious intentions of purchasing your company’s products or services will be small. When you make your targeting too narrow, you receive more qualified leads but not enough of them.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Did you know that Facebook offers at least seven different ad types? And many advertisers use long-copy ads to attract customers. But some use short-copy ads. Do you need videos to reach your audience?  Have you tested CTAs?

The bottom line: Facebook advertising services are a lot of work. Let us take it on for you.


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What You Should Know About Facebook Advertising Agencies: FAQs

We realize you probably have a lot of questions about working with a Facebook advertising agency, especially if you've never partnered with an agency in the past. Here are from frequently asked questions we receive from clients considering EmberTribe.

How can you hire a qualified Facebook ad agency?

The first thing we recommend you look for is Facebook certifications, such as Facebook Business Partner. Experience matters when it comes to something this important, and certification demonstrates proof that a marketing company has the credentials you need.

How much does an ad agency charge to run a Facebook campaign?

Although every business wants to save money, you should be cautious of any Facebook ad agency that offers package pricing. There is just no way for the agency to know ahead of time how much work your ad campaigns require and the number of services your company will need. As a ballpark figure, you can expect to spend $3,000 or more per month.

EmberTribe appreciates that every client has unique advertising needs. We are happy to provide you with a customized quote after chatting about your goals. We feel it is impossible to give an accurate cost estimate without knowing more about your company first.

What should I ask when researching and hiring Facebook advertising agencies?

You want to ask your potential Facebook advertising agency several questions to ensure it is the right fit for your organization. Here is a handful of questions that we recommend you ask:

  • How do you measure the effectiveness of Facebook campaigns?
  • Does your agency specialize in any specific type of Facebook ad?
  • What percentage of your company’s business comes from managing Facebook ads for clients?
  • Do you guarantee results?
  • Can you provide me with some case studies?

EmberTribe can answer these questions and more. We especially encourage you to read one or more case studies on our website to see how we helped our clients scale beyond their initial expectations.

How to choose a Facebook advertising agency?

You want to be sure to research several companies and compare the experience, services, certifications, cost, and results of each one. Once you have narrowed the list down to a few choices, set up a consultation to speak with a representative one-on-one. You will have a much better idea of which company you want to hire after seeing how each one operates firsthand.

Low-Stress Marketing Looks Like This

After you book a call and answer a few questions about your business, we’ll start researching and gathering insights about a growth path for your business.


  • 📱 Let’s talk.

    Book your call to get the ball rolling and discover how you can launch your growth to new heights.

  • 💡 Gain custom insights.

    Go over data-driven insights about your business and offer new knowledge to boost your brand.

  • 🧠 Strategize and plan.

    After you sign on with us, we get down to the nitty-gritty and make an actionable plan to get results that meet your goals.

  • 🚀 Launch and scale.

    We turn the plan into action and work with you to reach audiences and turn traffic into sales.

Got a question we haven’t answered yet?

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We've been really, really happy with our decision to work with EmberTribe and I would encourage anybody to at least listen to what they have to say.
Scott Azuna

Scott Dancy, Co-founder of Azuna