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Overcoming Seasonality to Achieve 119% Year-Over-Year Revenue Jump

Maximizing Ad Efforts With Budget Restrictions

Since August 2018, YardGames has partnered with EmberTribe with the specific goal of growing their direct-to-consumer (D2C) business. Because they sell outdoor and indoor games like kubb, cornhole and giant yard pong, YardGames experienced a significant amount of seasonality.

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Since they typically see dips in their revenue during the fall and winter months, the EmberTribe team knew we had to focus on maximizing efforts within the budget YardGames had to work with.

Finding Practical Solutions for Seasonality

The biggest challenge facing our client was the seasonality of what they have to offer consumers. In order to overcome this, we decided to embrace the seasons instead of pretending like a huge change in weather wasn't imminent.


Testing Creative Messaging

Like most of 2020, fall of that year was filled with uncertainty. Instead of shying away from the fact that fall 2020 was quickly approaching, we leaned into the season. EmberTribe featured a series of fall-themed ads for YardGames. 

This transparent approach highlighted how our client could help consumers weather a tough time. Even with everything else happening in the world, fall could still be enjoyed in a safe and fun way. 

We focused on showing that a sense of normalcy in a socially-distanced environment could be something that was memorable, active and engaging. Ultimately, this approach flipped the challenge that YardGames experiences every year on its head by using it to their advantage.

119% YoY Revenue Jump

YardGames had strong results and huge jumps in revenue. This was the result of our ads that focused on embracing fall at a higher ad spend compared to the previous year.

In August 2020, YardGames had a 34 percent increase in its store revenue over figures for 2019. By September, store revenue that YardGames saw was even more impressive. Compared to the previous year, they had an increase of 119 percent.



By staying authentic to their brand, YardGames was able to help consumers lean into the changes the weather—and the year—brought to their lives. The success of our campaign just serves as a reminder that we can all use more fun and laughter in our lives.