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We're always testing creative to find the ads that actually get results. Take the quiz below to see which ad won our testing.

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Are you thinking about the wrong things when it comes to creating ads?

You might be surprised by the ads that actually generate 5-6 figure revenue with 3x ROAS. Can you guess the winning ad in the examples below?

With us, the data decides. 

Some folks get caught up in trying to make ad creative "pretty" without looking at the data. 
We constantly test new creative to find the ads that actually get results.
How to play: Choose which ad you THINK did better and then click the + below each ad to see which one won our testing! πŸ‘‰
Which ad do you think got 9.x ROAS across almost 5k spend? πŸ€”

We test every angle.

Let's face it: we all have our ideas about how something should look or what message will resonate most with audiences.

The truth is, those are all just guesses. We love guesses! But we haven't generated over $500 million in revenue on guesses alone. We create winning ads by testing, measuring results, and optimizing for performance.

Quiz time: Which ad do you think got 3.3x ROAS across 19k spend?

Performance over looks.

We test ads because we can’t get results without knowing what works.

We want our clients to have style AND results with their ads. 

Quiz time: Which ad improved ROAS from 1.19x to 1.98x?

Want to overcome your creative rut?

We can help with that! Awesome ads that get returns can take time to identify and optimize, and we've got a team of growth specialists applying their expertise to just that.

We apply a rapid testing method to new ads to determine quickly if they're going to get traction for your brand and use those results to build stronger creative. 

Quiz time: Which ad generated 1.97x ROAS (compared to 1.03x ROAS)?

The proof is in the results.

You might be surprised by the ads that generate the most returns. Sometimes we are, too!

When we take the time to dig into your audience's interests, pain points, and behaviors, we can make magic happen.

Quiz time: Which ad boosted ROAS from 2 to 2.9x (across 33k)?  πŸ€―πŸ™Œ


Get fired up about creative.

At the end of the day, successful advertising comes down to knowing what works and finding ways to get your ad in front of people who are actually interested.

Quiz time: Which ad generated $84,000 PROFITABLY (by achieving a 2.4x ROAS)? 

Let's build your best ads ever.

We put in the hard work, pay attention to the numbers, and test the heck out of everything.

Quiz time: which ad had 4.3x ROAS? (This one is exciting since the other ad did 3.65x!)

Profitably scale ad spend.

We've got more than $100 million in ad spend under our belts. 

We know how to scale ad spend without killing performance, and help businesses level up on profit.

Quiz time: Which ad took ROAS from 1.99x to 2.45x? 

Get more out of every advertising dollar.

Running ads is an investment. Like with any investment, you want to know you'll get a good return.

EmberTribe uses data to build smarter ads that convert. 

Quiz time: Which ad got the client to their desired 2x ROAS?

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