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Facebook Advertising 101

Find out how you can leverage advertising on one of the most powerful platforms out there: Facebook.

Facebook continues to grow in number every year since it launched in 2004. As of today, it is still the most used social platform with nearly 2.45 billion monthly active users from all around the world!

  • What is Facebook?
  • Advertising on Facebook
  • Your Audience Is On Facebook
  • Ad Campaigns Are Highly Customizable
  • Facebook Ads Are Relatively Inexpensive
  • Facebook Is ALWAYS In
  • Who Uses Facebook?
  • 6 Facebook Tutorials You Should Watch
  • Facebook Marketing Tools
  • How To Advertise on Facebook [Step-by-Step]

What is Facebook?

Throughout the years, it has grown from a site where people in colleges would accept each other as digital “friends” to one of the biggest and most influential companies around the globe, one with billions of users, and one that holds the power to affect political landscapes.

As a business owner and as a marketer, Facebook is giving you a way to reach your exact target audience. The least and the most you can do is to take advantage of Facebook advertising to put your brand out in the know — especially to your target audience who are most likely to want your products or services.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook makes it simple enough to share photos and videos, messages, and files between people that it has been a regular daily stop for many of its users. If you want to closely target an audience and deliver ads directly to people who are most likely to be interested in your brand, Facebook is the key.

Your Audience Is On Facebook

Facebook has long been providing businesses and marketers with the largest advertising opportunity, proven true with their 22 billion ad clicks per year. The platform has 1.49 billion users worldwide, which is why it’s no surprise that whoever you’re planning to reach is somewhere out there enjoying Facebook.

Ad Campaigns Are Highly Customizable

The best part of Facebook advertising? Facebook has a wide range of ad formats to choose from! You can construct a perfect ad experience by customizing your ad design, copy, landing pages, and every element of the campaign including technical aspects such as target audience, bidding, and delivery optimization among others.

Facebook Ads Are Relatively Inexpensive

Facebook ads, compared to other online marketing channels, tend to cost less. This means that if you’re strapped for cash, all you need to do is ensure that you set reasonable daily ad spending so you don’t go over the budget you set.

☝️ Pro Tip: Having a clear focus with a simple strategy along with Facebook’s cost-efficiency will bring your brand to greater heights.

Facebook Is ALWAYS In

Facebook is constantly evolving and updating its features which, in turn, improves the overall experience for both its users and advertisers, unlike other platforms.

Who Uses Facebook?

Facebook is the biggest (and one of the best) social platforms for you to use if you want to produce great content for your brand and/or reach a new audience altogether. 

As a business owner and as a marketer, you need to get to know who the 1.62 billion daily active users are on Facebook. Knowing so will entirely make a difference when you’re finally getting started on your Facebook campaigns.

🚻 Gender Demographics

Facebook users based in the United States are 54.3% females and 45.7% are males. Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a more detailed breakdown than “males vs. females” as the data presented is in the gender binary.

🗺️ Location Demographics

As of October 2020, India has the most number of active Facebook users with a whopping 310 million users! Here’s a top 10 list of the countries with the most Facebook users:

India – 310 million users
United States – 190 million users
Indonesia – 140 million users
Brazil – 130 million users
Mexico – 92 million users
Philippines – 81 million users
Vietnam – 65 million users
Thailand – 50 million users
Egypt – 44 million users
Bangladesh – 39 million users

In the U.S., the regional breakdown includes:

  • 73% of those living in an urban area are using Facebook
  • 69% of those living in a suburban area are using Facebook
  • 66% of those living in a rural area are using Facebook

🕰️ Age Demographics

It’s important to note that while the majority of Americans coming from different age groups are on Facebook, the usage among teens has dropped in favor of other social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Snapchat. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of Facebook users from the US

  • 2.8% are 13-17 years old 
  • 15.7% are 18-24 years old
  • 26.3% are 25-34 years old
  • 18.3% are 35-44 years old
  • 14.4% are 45-54 years old
  • 11.5% are 55-64 years old
  • 10.9% are 65+ years old

🍎 Education demographics (globally)

  • 61% of those with high school education or less use Facebook
  • 75% of those with some college education use Facebook
  • 74% of those with more than college education use Facebook

💸 Income demographics (globally)

  • 69% of those making less than $30,000 are using Facebook
  • 72% of those making $30,000–$74,999 are using Facebook
  • 74% of those making more than $75,000 are using Facebook

Facebook Marketing Tools

There are A LOT of Facebook ad marketing tools that you can use for your business and your campaigns but in this post, we will only be highlighting and focusing on tools that are managed and ran by Facebook itself.

Facebook Ads Manager

Ads Manager, available on desktop and mobile, is the most basic Facebook marketing tool that uses the same powerful advertising tools like Instagram. You can set up, make changes, and see results for all your campaigns, ad sets, and ads in one place!

☝️ Pro Tip: If you don't share your ad account with anyone else, Ads Manager is perfect for you.

Business Manager

Business Manager is a one-stop-shop where you can manage all of your marketing and advertising activity on Facebook. Business Manager allows you to create ads, manage multiple assets (such as Facebook Pages and Instagram profiles), and easily share access to these across your team and your external partners.

Audience Insights

Audience Insights gives you a collection of information about two groups of people — particularly the people connected to your page and the people that are using Facebook — so you can create more content relatable to them.

Facebook Mobile Studio

Facebook Mobile Studio assists you in creating great ads directly from your mobile phone. Facebook provides easy-to-follow video guides, a downloadable planning brief, and creative app recommendations to get you started on your ads.

How To Advertise on Facebook [Step-by-Step]

1. Choose your objective 

Choosing your objective is the first thing you do when creating an ad in Ads Manager. Facebook ads work best when you're focused on what you want to achieve because your objectives will help to clarify your goals for ad campaigns.

To choose the right ad objective, you have to figure the most important outcome that you want from your ad — sales, app downloads, or brand awareness.

2. Select your audience 

Select the demographics, interests, and behaviors that best represent your target audience by using the information that you know about them including (but not limited to) their age, location, and other details.

3. Decide where to run your ad 

Decide where you want to run your ad — it could be Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network, or across them all.

4. Set your budget 

Enter your daily or lifetime budget, and the period you would want your ads to run.

5. Pick your format 

Choose from six different ad formats that are designed to work on every device and connection speed. If you’re unsure which ad format fits your campaign the best, check out Facebook’s Ad guides.

  • Photo ads - offer a clean, simple format to feature engaging images, illustrations, and copy.
  • Video ads - tell your story with sight, sound, and motion that come in a range of lengths and styles.
  • Stories ads - are a customizable, edge-to-edge experience that lets you immerse people in your content.
  • Messenger ads - help people start conversations with your business. Get personal with current or potential customers and add interactive or automated features.
  • Carousel ads - let you showcase up to ten images or videos (each with its link) in a single ad. 
  • Slideshow ads - are video-like ads made of motion, sound, and text.
  • Collection ads - let people discover, browse, and buy what you offer. Your audience can tap your ad and learn more about your products.
  • Playable ads - offer people an interactive preview before they download your app. Find higher intent users for your app with the “try-before-you-buy experience” feature.

6. Place your order

After submitting your ad, it goes to Facebook’s ad auction which helps in making your ad available to your rightful audience.

7. Measure and manage your ad

You can track your ad’s performance and edit your campaign in Ads Manager as you see fit.

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