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“How does a top-performing eCommerce agency work?” Give us a call and find out. 

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Outsmart Your Competition

And never break a sweat.

After years of managing seven figures in ad budgets, running endless tests, and helping our clients meet their goals, we’ve learned what strategies work and what to leave behind. EmberTribe has elevated eCommerce advertising and D2C eCommerce growth to a science.

EmberTribe has a proven track record as a top performing eCommerce agency. We use an active management marketing process to stay on top of the information you need to outperform your sales goals.

What do we mean by active management?

  • We know eCommerce inside out.
  • We know everything about your competition.
  • We’ve got our finger on the pulse of every account’s performance.
  • We can pinpoint your target market and audiences so accurately it might surprise you.
  • We are always testing, fixing, optimizing, and testing again.

In other words, we stand out because of our bias toward action and knack for getting results.

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We've got goal-crushing clients.

Our Process

You deserve an eCommerce Agency you can trust.

We take that trust very seriously and do everything we can to add value to their business as trusted eCommerce consultants.

Some eCommerce marketing companies might try to sell you on a proprietary formula for the secret sauce” to successful advertising services. At EmberTribe, we’ll give it to you for free:

  1. Traction
  2. Profit
  3. Scale

The thing is, we recognize that clients are capable of understanding the ins and outs of sustainable growth, whether they use Shopify, Amazon, or any other D2C platform. But, it takes a special kind of digital marketing agency to synthesize client needs to figure out the right approach for growth—that’s where we come in.

Most of our clients are used to wearing multiple hats, so we created a marketing process you can hang your hat(s) on, while we take care of the hard parts.


From Zero Sales to $1M in Under 6 Months

How we grew this client's business to 7 figures in a healthy and sustainable way.

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LG Ad6

Growing from Traction to Revenue

So far our efforts have produced $19,600 in revenue on the site from 147 purchases, an average order value of $133.40.

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Blocks showing growth up

From $18K to $370K in Under 6 Months

When this client partnered with EmberTribe, their goal was to find strategies to scale sales.

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“Partnering with EmberTribe is really giving us the freedom to be able to dream, to think about what’s next. To envision the future, whatever that might be.” 

Patrick Hayes, Founder of 1767 Designs

What makes a top eCommerce digital marketing agency tick?

Multichannel Expertise

We’re not a paid social media advertising agency, or a PPC agency, or an email marketing agency. We’re a growth agency. Our team of specialists don’t just zero in on one marketing channel, we help you build a growth system spanning advertising services to nurture success.

Taking Action

You won’t find us sitting on our hands waiting to make a decision. We take an active approach to getting results. If something isn’t working right, we don’t schedule needless meetings to talk about it. Our marketing process in a nutshell: "we're on it."

Rapid Testing

How can you improve something that you don’t understand? That’s the mindset that drives us to research, test, re-research, and test again using the marketing metrics that make sense for your goals. Simply put: we know what works and what doesn’t before you even notice a difference.

Creative Genius

If you ever find yourself having to choose between an agency that can produce engaging ad creative or one that can provide insightful data analysis, neither agency is going to do enough for you. We can do both (and probably in half the time).

Core Values

Our team spans the globe and every EmberTriber brings a diverse spectrum of strengths and experience. How does a fully remote team like ours make it work? We stick to our values to present clients with only the best results.

Client Focus 

We don’t treat our clients’ success as a one-and-done. As you grow, your digital marketing goals will grow with you. Our agency can help scale your eCommerce business to reach its full potential with strategies that evolve with your brand.

4000+ businesses have strategized with us about their growth goals. Will you be next?

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eCommerce Advertising FAQs

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

After years of working with eCommerce clients at different stages of growth, we’ve just about heard it all.

What should I expect from an eCommerce Agency?

You should expect an eCommerce agency to understand your unique value proposition, needs, and goals. A full-service eCommerce advertising agency will help you build highly effective growth systems from the ground up. In our opinion, anything less than that is not enough. 

Any eCommerce digital marketing agency you work with should be committed to working with you in a long-term relationship. (This is also just great life advice: you should be showing commitment-phobes the door.) Their values should align with your own and they should be results-driven—and we mean driven by your results. 

Which marketing channels are the best for my eCommerce business?

There’s no easy answer to this question because there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all brands. If there was an easy answer, you wouldn’t need us, right? With so many great platforms out there to market your products that it might feel overwhelming sifting through all of them. That being said, we do have considerable expertise in:

We help you determine the best channels for targeting future customers by working within your defined goals. Every growth system is as unique as the brands we work with.

What does “rapid testing” mean?

When we talk about “rapid testing” we’re talking about an EmberTribe specialty. We didn’t invent rapid testing, but we have turned it into a science.

Rapid testing allows us to test different campaign strategies and ad creative to validate what works best. Rapid testing tells us what doesn’t work so we can throw it out and gives us insights into what is working so we can iterate successes.

Check out these 5 real-life client success stories using smart testing

Will digital advertising cost me an arm and a leg?

We work with our clients to make sure that their growth strategy fits their budget. With us, you’ll get social media advertising and digital marketing that’s tailored to your business needs. We’d love to chat with you about how to make the most of your advertising spend.

“EmberTribe is all-in-one. I got rid of my email company, I don’t need them anymore. EmberTribe is doing the emails, Google ads, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram. They’ve got a strategy where they follow people no matter where they go.”

Lisa, Founder of Fusion Belts

Got a question we haven’t answered yet?