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Growing from Traction to Revenue


Little Goodall is a luxury children’s wear brand, designed and handmade by Molly Goodall. When her son was reluctant to wear the hoods of his jackets, she saw an opportunity to make childrenswear more fun and creative.

Children’s wear is a crowded market, and children outgrow clothing quickly, making high-price point items a more difficult sell. To find this audience, we first had to gain traction:

  • This is a small audience, moms with disposable income and an appreciation for aesthetics and handmade goods that may not have a long lifespan.
  • There is a limited season for coats, the highest price-point items and what Little Goodall is best known for making. Busy season runs from Autumn to Winter, so maintaining growth during the Spring and Summer was our main challenge.

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We established 3 winning audiences at the top of the funnel: lookalikes of Etsy customers, moms interested in handmade goods & Etsy, and lookalikes of email list members. We found two key factors in the purchase decision: social proof and emotional appeal.

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Our approach to cold audiences was highly visual, going hand-in-hand with the Little Goodall brand image. This allowed us to go beyond showing the creativity and quality of the products, but also the emotional benefits.

Once a prospect engaged, we reinforced the emotional benefits with social proof via user-generated images, testimonials, as well as using social proof in the format of repurposing organic page posts.

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Our team extensively tested creative formats thanks to the high-quality visual assets provided by the client: single images, videos, carousels, Instagram Stories, and slideshows. Carousels and single videos on Facebook outperformed other creative formats and placements.

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We began testing multiple cold audiences based on interests, behaviors, and lookalikes to establish traction and determine which audiences were most open to the higher price point for children’s wear.

However, we were quickly able to succeed at our original traction goal and switch to a revenue-driving strategy, focused on consistent retargeting of warm traffic and smaller, more targeted cold traffic audiences.

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By gaining interest through the emotional benefits (eg. “just how you want to remember them” copy and lifestyle videos & images of the products in action) we built out both middle and bottom of funnel audiences to retarget with social proof, special offers, and reinforcement of the emotional benefits of Little Goodall products.


By restructuring the strategy from broad reach to highly targeted smaller audiences (for example, moms interested in Etsy and handmade goods), and consistently retargeting all engaged people, we finished with an average ROAS of 2.71. So far our efforts have produced $19,600 in revenue on the site from 147 purchases, an average order value of $133.40.

ET Campaigns:

  • Amount Spent $6,719.37
  • CTR 2.1%
  • Adds to Cart 1,400
  • Purchases 147
  • Cost Per Purchase $65.62
  • ROAS 2.71
  • Revenue $19,611.05

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