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We let the numbers speak for themselves.
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Finding The Right Ad Creative to Boost ROAS

Learn how EmberTribe helped this D2C business jump start their ROAS at ToFu with a key new creative ad campaign.

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From Zero to $1M in Under 6 Months.

How we grew this client's business to 7 figures in a healthy and sustainable way.

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Free B

10X Higher ROAS

7 Figure Run Rate From Facebook Alone

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Doubled Monthly Revenue in 60 Days

Building a System for Profitable Ecomm Scaling

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8X Leads for B2B SaaS Startup

Huge Value for B2B on Paid Social

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Overcoming Facebook's Societal/Political Restrictions 

Taking an eCommerce Startup From $600/Month to $15k/Month in Revenue, in Less Than 6 Months

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The Secret Weapon to Scaling Subscription Services

8.77 ROAS in 3 Months for Courses for Sports Coaches

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Rapid Testing Brings Hundreds of Leads

Finding Local Donors with Specific Criteria

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Driving Success With DPAs

How we increased ROAS by testing re-targeting windows for the best outcomes.

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How This Client Just DOUBLED Their Store Conversion Rate.

Here's what you can ethically "steal" for your own eCommerce venture.

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Only Human Ecommerce startup staff photo

Level Up On Budget

Taking an eCommerce startup from $31.6k/month to $74k/month in revenue in 3 Months

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Packed Party new collection launch

Exceeding Launch Sales Goals With Testing

How we exceeded our client's launch goals and overcame limited stock challenges to exceed sales goals for a new collection.

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Animated gif displaying colorful clothing from Girls Clothing Hut

Growing An Established Brand

Scaling to a 7.11x average ROAS. 

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Proactively Capturing eCommerce Leads 

Drawing People in with the Salty Life

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Woman in gray dress among falling autumn leaves

Selling Out an Online Boutique

Rapidly Scaling Spend and ROAS

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Nova 3 Labs supplement shake and bottle with gym backgrop

Narrow Audiences to Target More Effectively

Getting past the one-size-fits all funnel to target a wide audience.

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Legendary Foods cashew butter spread and cinnamon bun

Segment to Spend Smarter

Rising Revenue for D2C Health Food

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Collage of photos of moms in stylish maternity wear

Holiday Success Powered by Testing

Huge ROAS Lift for a Maternity Brand

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From 0 to 400K New Users Per Month

Slashing CPA and Scaling Spend for B2C Leadgen

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Inbound + PPC = Explosive Growth

Amplifying Rich Content with Facebook Ads

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Making Sales Cry “Uncle” from Too Many Leads

Immediate Impact and a Long-Term Vision

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Open laptop displaying a running software program

Drastic Decrease in Cost Per Lead

Valuable Insights & Increased Enrollment for Higher Ed

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Little Goodall Facebook ad with photos of children's handmade clothes

Growing from Traction to Revenue

Broad reach to highly targeted smaller audiences

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Business strategy plan over ladder leading to success

Creative Testing For a More Successful Campaign

Test success with a variety of interest audiences through dynamic targeting

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From Zero to Selling Your Business in 17 Months

Using DPAs and IG Stories to Triple Revenue

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Building a Legacy for a Budding Brand

Helping a niche beverage brand move from Amazon and brick-and-mortar to direct-to-consumer sales online. 

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Cracked Snapchat Sales Within 15 Hours of Starting Ads

Our client wanted to expand beyond Facebook. Our research told us that Snapchat would be the best channel to test. Within 15 hours, we drove 2 sales.

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Credit card purchase at laptop

Discounts to Increase Conversion Rate

Helping a kid's headphone brand move away from Amazon using Shopify's automatic discount features to drive conversion rates.

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Rear view of businesswoman pointing at drawn target

Hyper-Targeting at Scale

How a well-trained pixel, descriptive copy, and laser-focused targeting got us to a profitable 5x spend for one B2B client.

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Baby wearing heather gray onesie with gray knit hat

Flipping The Funnel

Don't discount a discount or cute baby pictures!

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Scaling Spend 10x While Maintaining ROAS

Good Creative And Proper Targeting

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Growth Chart Located on Blue Puzzle Pieces. Business Concept.

300% Lift in Revenue in 3 months 

The power of good testimonials

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Portrait of smiling co-workers standing in a line in dental clinic

Taking Lead Gen Efforts To New Heights

More than doubled monthly leads for this higher education client

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Creating Solutions for Long-Term Success

We helped this reclaimed wood artwork brand boost custom order sales and build a solid email list for long term success.

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Image of young businessman jumping above graph

300% Lift in Revenue in 2 months

A Winning Combination of Broad Audiences and Great Prices

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A Slam Dunk on Qualified Leads

Finding an Evergreen Source of Leads for a High-Ticket, Seasonal Business

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Catering spread on pink background

Taking On The Catering Giants

How we put a catering startup on a path of predictable growth through pivoting approaches.

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Fusion belt on woman with pink shirt

Increased This Client's Monthly Revenue 4-5x

We took the reigns for this client and freed her up to run her business....Here's what happened!

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cs - bfan

Profitably Scaling an eCommerce Startup in Less Than 6 Months 

Don’t be afraid to spend more on conversion campaigns to deliver results.  

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Girl playing outside

6 Figure Revenue and 5.12x ROAS for This Boutique

We helped this online retailer grow to $241K with 5.12x ROAS in 6 months.

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NativeSpring-104 (1)

Over $600k Generated on Multiple Channels

How we overcame challenges to generate over $600k in revenue on Facebook and Snapchat.

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