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With so many ways to capture photos and create memories these days, it can be easy to lose track of those really special pictures and videos. Our client, Qeepsake, provides a unique solution to storing memories in a fast-paced, digital world. We worked with Qeepsake to develop creative solutions for increased user acquisition.

Qeepsake wanted to reach a wider audience, so we set out to determine how to:

  • Test success with a variety of interest audiences through dynamic targeting;
  • Optimize ad placement and format for better engagement;
  • Establish best practices for increasing return on ad spend.
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                               Screen Recording 2019-06-11 at PMApproach

Our team set out to optimize ways to acquire free users with Complete Registrations as cheaply as possible. We theorized that once free users joined Qeepsake’s platform, they would then decide to upgrade in the app or through suggestive email marketing campaigns.

Using this approach, we tested a variety of interest audiences to find which groups brought in the most engagement. We also applied different creative visuals, experimenting with images and copy to find what most appealed to audiences.   




By testing different audiences, we were able to combine well-performing audiences with related interests into a “superset” (i.e., audiences with Interest A/Interest B/Interest C) that gave us overall better results than running each audience individually.

At first we focused mainly on acquiring cheap users who would provide a Complete Registration. We soon revised our approach to test Complete Registration and Purchase optimizations head-to-head using the same advertising factors. We were able to use this information to determine which advertising investment provided the best returns.



Through our testing, we found that purchase-focused ad sets were more effective than strategies to attract cheap users and convert them to a paid plan later on. The registration-focused ad sets did provide Qeepsake with cheaper registration costs per use, but many of those users had little to no interest in switching to a paid plan.

As a result of the creative test, our team moved ad campaigns fully over to Purchase optimization, and we were able to increase Qeepsake’s return on ad spend from 70% in December to over 110% in January, our highest ever at that time.


Check out this video to hear Qeepsake's experience working with us.

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