From Zero to Selling Your Business in 17 Months


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Starting an online store can be difficult but Krisen was able to find a niche in modest apparel who loved her brand Modest Thief.

She started sourcing clothing and with a small following on Instagram. She grew her following to be very engaged but needed a way to accelerate sales. That’s where we came in.

Our goal was to start with $10,000 in monthly sales while maintaining a ROAS of 2.5 and then build from there. This was to get her business in a sustainable place to build up audiences overtime to help with repeat customers as well as building custom audiences for Lookalikes.

While people were engaged with the ads and buying, the biggest issue we ran into was out of inventory issues. We’d set up a great ad with precise targeting and start off strong but before we knew it, we were sending people to product pages or collections where they couldn’t even buy the item! A common obstacle many bootstrap boutiques face.


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While we had multiple options for a solution. There three key things we did here:

  • DPA Ads;
  • Email notifications of out of stock items to us to keep on top of the inventory and ads;
  • Setting up collection pages of “New Arrivals” that dynamically updated.


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Using dynamic product ads we were able to serve high quality ads at the top, middle, and bottom of funnel that dynamically updated with products that were always in stock.

In the cases where we didn’t have DPAs running, such as IG Stories (which was a big winner for us), we had notifications set up to ensure that whenever anything went out of stock we could immediately shut off that IG Story ad.

This allowed us to send traffic to a single link where we could update this page dynamically depending on what we wanted to promote and what was in stock.   


Using DPAs and IG Stories, Embertribe was able to triple revenue for this client’s clothing brand.

Ultimately this allowed Krisen to go on and sell her business within 10 months of engaging us and just 17 months since starting it.

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