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Tripling Conversion Rate In 3 Months

Turning Around Conversion Rates

Thumper Fab is a company that manufactures and sells accessories for utility terrain vehicles (UTVs). After launching their website in May 2020, they needed significant help to gain revenue, especially given their average order value of over $1,000, no reviews, and no social proof due to the very early stage of the business.

Thumper Fab came to EmberTribe to see what could be done to increase its revenues. This was a challenge, given the lack of website history, reviews, and social proof, a challenge that was compounded by the high average order value of its products. They also had a very low conversion rate at the time of 0.08%, so turning these numbers around quickly would be vital to the company's success. This made our initial goal of a Facebook ad campaign that would generate 6x ROAS very ambitious.

Building Confidence in a Newer Brand

We needed to reduce friction that was bringing down their conversion rate. Additionally, we wanted to focus on Feller's strengths. As a brand with sustainable ideals, high-quality clothing, and a strong connection to outdoor activities, they are perfectly positioned for lifestyle marketing

Lifestyle brands are those whose appeal goes beyond the products they sell. Instead, they draw in customers by matching the aspirations, values, and aesthetics that their target audience identifies with. The products embody an ideal image of how the clients envision themselves. People are extremely loyal to their favorite lifestyle brands and return to them again and again.

Testing to Improve Sales

To start, we began testing various changes in the website to improve the company's add-to-cart rate. We added different call-outs below the add-to-cart button and tested different results. By doing so, we saw an immediate 16% increase in add-to-cart rates as well as a 60% increase in transactions. This was a significant change for the client. For other agencies, this could have been the end of the testing process, but we weren’t done yet!

We still wanted to see additional increases in the conversion rate. For the next set of tests, we looked at the product and cart pages and made some visual changes to draw attention to the main CTA and improve trust. This was accomplished by using a more legible font and an updated color scheme to make the main CTA more obvious.

3x Conversion Rate in 3 Months

The results of our testing and the campaign were remarkable. We saw an initiate checkout rate that increased by 76%. 

Initiate Checkout Improvement

Though that was a good start, we also saw the conversion rate increase by 166%. Together, these changes resulted in the company seeing its conversion rate tripled over a three-month time span. 

Initiate Checkout Improvement

By working with EmberTribe, Thumper Fab was able to quickly increase its website conversion rate and improve sales. This resulted in significantly higher sales and allowed the new company to get off the ground quickly and effectively.