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Thousands of B2B marketers ask themselves this very question on a daily basis. Conventional wisdom says that because Facebook is a social platform for sharing baby photos, panda videos, taco ads, and local B2C vendor offers. However, what many marketers fail to understand is that business-to-business marketing is still business-to-human marketing, and Facebook is one of the best ways to reach billions of humans across the globe.

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A savvy and knowledgeable B2B marketer will be able to leverage Facebook’s extremely wide audience and intelligent targeting capabilities to create a high volume, low cost lead generation channel.

Recently, EmberTribe was engaged to work with a non-profit SaaS provider that saw the value in Facebook advertising, however didn’t have the time or expertise to optimize the channel and needed a partner with a deep understanding of Facebook ads to help them develop the channel.

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Originally, EmberTribe conducted a free audit of the client’s Facebook advertising, Adwords, and Google Analytics accounts and identified several areas of immediate improvement. Before EmberTribe received a dime, they offered ways to:

  1. Refine Facebook ad targeting and optimize ad testing
  2. Expand Adwords campaigns by carving out a niche and using content to drive traffic
  3. Optimize content offers to span the entire buyer’s journey, not just the decision stage.

“If this is what you guys do for free, I can’t imagine the value of your paid work.”

The client awarded EmberTribe with a low-risk, 90-day engagement after seeing how knowledgeable the team was.


In order to make the engagement a success, EmberTribe would need to prove that Facebook was a low-cost and scalable lead generation channel while dealing with stiff competition in the CRM market. To make things more difficult, EmberTribe had little historical data in which to analyze.

EmberTribe tackled this engagement by first conducting intensive audience research to identify and segment dozens of potential audiences based on their interests.

The team then created hundreds of ad variations for every possible variable. This included:

  • Split tests on 36 ad images
  • Over 70 combinations of headlines and ad description text
  • Mobile vs. desktop testing
  • Static images vs video ad testing


In just 6-weeks, EmberTribe was able to increase the amount of leads delivered via Facebook by 8x at just 87% the cost.

Even in the highly competitive CRM industry, EmberTribe was able to show how effective Facebook advertising can be when working with the right partners.

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“Our experience with EmberTribe has blown away expectations for what an agency could deliver. They are more than just strategic partners, they are a deeply knowledgable natural extension of our team. They’ve been a key contributor to our explosive growth!”

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