2X ROAS at ToFu With Price Objection Creative


Our client is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) business selling pre-mixed cocktail syrups—just add alcohol for a bar-quality drink.

This client had the budget to start scaling but didn’t have the marketing know-how to get started. The goal for this client is to establish a 3X effective ROAS and scale to 10k/day in sales. 

Whiskey on the rocks


The company’s Facebook ROAS had stalled for six weeks and it was time to make a change. EmberTribe took this as a challenge to test our way into increased ROAS.

We tried a few different approaches to increase ROAS. We tested different campaign styles, optimizations, cost caps, and even restarting campaigns. After weeks of experimentation, the solution was clear: we needed to test new creative.


Our goal was to convince audiences that the cost of the cocktail syrup was not only reasonable, but incredibly affordable.

This client’s growth specialist began brainstorming ad creative to help catch audiences. Ultimately he followed the simple but effective advice of advertising tycoon David Ogilvy.

"If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative." -David Ogilvy

Price objection ad Facebook
The new ad creative spoke to the financial benefits of using a cocktail syrup at home versus spending more at the bar. Clean, clear, and to the point. Best of all,  this creative demonstrates the upfront price objection busting we were looking for.


The growth specialist landed on key ad creative that turned out to be the answer to our client’s stagnant ROAS.

Ad Creative ROAS breakdown

bfanLaunching new creative resulted in tons of revenue at around a 2.5X at ToFu. With a revived ROAS, we are continuing to test iterations of this creative to reach our client's targets. All of this from just one key piece of ad creative!

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