Inbound + PPC = Explosive Growth


Our client is an education company with a specialized audience of decision-makers (principals, schoolboards, superintendents, etc.). As a fully integrated HubSpot client, they had already done a great job producing a vast amount of high-quality content, and their sales cycle boasted a high customer retention ratio.



We recognize a good thing when we see it. We decided to build on the client’s already-effective content and nurturing efforts by pairing HubSpot with Hull, a data-driven information sorting tool that seamlessly connected HubSpot’s rich data into specific Facebook Custom Audiences.

Managing data between systems is time-consuming, confusing and often rife with inaccuracies and delays when compiled manually. With automatic syncing across platforms and no coding required, Hull became the unified meeting place for all of our client’s user data, enabling us to focus on creating successful conversion campaigns. Our goal was to leverage existing content and an inbound activity using paid social media to target individual personas with specialized messaging.


We combined an ecosystem of HubSpot personas with data from inbound work and resources each user downloaded or showed interest in. Then we targeted each persona with the appropriate content to move through the buyer journey.

As user engagement grew, HubSpot data updated dynamically in Hull, allowing us to target users with next-step advertising on Facebook. We were able to nurture users in real time and take higher-qualified actions as customer interaction evolved. For example, if a user downloaded a white paper or e-book from our client’s website (engaging in only a one-way interaction), that data would be updated in Hull and, based on user persona, we could then re-target that user with a webinar, consultation or other method to foster two-way engagement.


Our team built Top of Funnel campaigns to bring in a broad spectrum of new users who engaged with content. Our client saw 838 new contacts in 11 weeks, with over 1700 downloads at less than $3.50 per lead.

And through continued nurturing, we drove 53 sales requests, at less than $30 each. Best of all, by the time these users reached our client’s inbound marketing team, they had already become highly probable purchasers, far better than one-off cold outreach prospects.

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