Scaling Spend 10x While Maintaining ROAS


Ana Luisa is introducing exceptional quality and transparent pricing to the jewelry industry. With high-quality gold, silver, pearls and more they are bringing responsible production to every aspect of their product.

They approached EmberTribe with a goal to increase revenue month over month. Ana Luisa was a fast growing online boutique but was looking to scale exceptionally quickly.

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We initially started working with Ana Luisa right before Black Friday/Cyber Monday and needed to build engaging creative and hone in on the right audience on Facebook. With an average order value of just $100 we were in a good spot to scale while also keeping ROAS high.

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We launched our first campaigns as a Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaign featuring a small discounted sale. We had dozens of orders right out of the gate but once the craziness of the sale was over we needed to find evergreen ads that would help grow even in times where we couldn’t lean on a scale.

We decided to focus on the creative and found short witty messaging worked the best for this brand. Messages like:

  • “I have enough jewelry” - Said no one ever
  • Life is too short to wear boring jewelry.
  • Elegance never goes out of style.
  • I only wear jewelry in days ending in Y.

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In six months, we went from spending $3,000 a month on Facebook to well over $30,000 a month. The large increase in spend produced the return on ad spend (ROAS) to grow by almost 10%!

"If you are looking for an agency that will offer 24/7 support and that is involved in your company as much as you are, go with EmberTribe. They have been working with us from scratch on our Facebook advertising program and took it to the next level! Can't recommend them enough!" 

- Adam at Ana Luisa

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