Cracked Snapchat Sales Within 15 Hours of Starting Ads


Our client is Native Supply, a Christian-focused clothing business with rotating seasonal collections. This client came to us because they wanted to generate more consistent sales from season to season.

They were already getting great response from Facebook ads but they wanted to expand their reach using other social media platforms such as Snapchat and TikTok. 



Our client provided us with great product videos and custom music to use with ad creative but otherwise they let EmberTribe take the lead on campaign strategy.

Since the client was wanting to expand their reach outside of just Facebook, we recommended they pursue running ads on Snapchat. 


After doing some initial research, we hypothesized that Snapchat had their key demographic and that we would be able to reach receptive audiences and generate sales using the platform.

Our main objective was testing to see if our hypothesis that Snapchat was the right fit for selling their products was correct. Our tests didn't take long.

We got sales within the first 24 hours of running ads.


Within 15 hours of activating the ads, we had 2 sales from MoFu and achieved a 1.44x ROAS. 

Native Supply Snapchat ad success


In less than a year, EmberTribe developed and scaled this client’s Facebook advertising channel from virtually nothing to more than 400k signups per month. This has resulted in an expanded user base and a significant effect on its top-line revenue.

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