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Achievement Unlocked: 22.61% Boost to Unique App Installs Through Scaling

Increasing App Installs

Our client, Quicksand Playground, is a real money gaming app looking to increase app installs and decrease cost per unique purchase for two of their games.

Before deciding to partner with EmberTribe, our client utilized advertising in the Apple App Store, as well as Facebook and mobile app marketing platforms. They wanted to scale their ad spend and boost app installs sustainably.

Determining How To Get Results

While both games had similar audiences and lookalikes, they were not obtaining the same results on the same optimization settings. For example, one app would not work very well when optimizing for purchases but would when optimizing for an upper funnel event (“achievement unlocks”). This meant that the apps each required a different strategy to achieve positive results. 

Testing Hypotheses To Find Wins

We had a couple of hypotheses that guided our testing. Firstly, we wanted to see if increasing the amount of people that installed the apps at a lower cost would help us lower the cost per unique purchase. Secondly, we believed that optimizing our top of the funnel campaigns could help lower costs.

We tested, tested, and sometimes re-tested different copy, images/videos, audiences, campaign structure, and optimization settings. We discovered that our retargeting campaigns were getting the best results but the frequency was rising quickly, causing us to increase our audience by focusing some of the spend on campaigns optimizing for the install event (our most effective retargeting audience).

Positive Results From Experimentation

In 9 months, we got 10.44% lower cost per unique purchase at the same level of spend and obtained 22.61% more installs than the previous 9 months.

Results for app client