EmberTribe’s Lead Gen Efforts Take Pinnacle Career College to New Heights


Pinnacle Career Institute came to EmberTribe with some very aggressive growth goals. Pinnacle, a Kansas City-based career college, was looking to increase the enrollment of their online and on-campus programs. Pinnacle had tried buying leads from pay-per-lead vendors and tested some pay-per-click campaigns, but approached EmberTribe wanting to expand to other channels.

Pinnacle was looking to increase their leadflow while keeping the quality of leads high. Their PPC and PPL leads were of high quality but were expensive and the volume was limited.



Our team tested a number of interest and lookalike audiences and frequently tested new creative. We used lead forms that were detailed enough to screen out poor quality leads but not so long that it discouraged potential applicants from filling out the form.

On Google Ads, EmberTribe moved from an auto-bidding strategy, which was limiting ad delivery,  to a carefully managed manually bidding strategy. This increased Pinnacle’s search impression share and brought in more high intent search leads.



We tested a variety of different types of ads including video, native advertising, and other display ads. Ultimately, we found that Facebook Lead Ads performed best for Pinnacle.

EmberTribe also began managing Pinnacle’s PPC campaigns, optimizing campaign settings, creative, keywords, and more.


With our Google optimizations and after ramping up our Facebook Ad efforts, we were able to significantly increase Pinnacle’s leadflow. In just a matter of months, we more than doubled their monthly leads.


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