Taking an eCommerce Startup From $600/Month to $15k/Month in Revenue, in Less Than 6 Months


Gigi Raffe, a gorgeous modern VSCO girl loungewear brand with a charitable cause wanted to see if an experienced agency could prove their concept. 

The ECommerce space is very competitive and this particular client also wasn’t operating on a giant budget to get in front of the masses. Compounding the reach issues was Facebook’s classification of the business as a political/societal concern entity due to 50% of Gigi Raffe's Net Profits going to Giraffe Conservation.

Gigi RaffeAd1


Our ads don’t skirt the “conservation” issue, but instead, we edit our imagery to look optimal on the placements that are available to us (Facebook doesn’t allow “political” ads in over half of its placements, including DPAs). 

Starting with a small budget allowed us to focus tightly on the headlines, imagery and products. We were willing to start slow & build up engagement, view content audiences before diving into conversion campaigns. We also used LPV & PPE optimized ad sets to test ads in cheaper-CPM campaigns.



Gigi RaffeAd2Strategy

We used comments and other social proof to build trust with purchasers. Engagement is high on most of our ads due to people liking to signal that they like the cause and the style of the clothes. 

While testing, we discovered a niche among older women (55+), despite the target being college-age and younger. We made sure our copy doesn’t alienate either group.


In less than 6 months, we profitably increased ad spend from $800/month to over $10k/month on Facebook. While increasing ad spend, we also increased ROAS from .76 to over 2x.


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