Using Shopify's Automatic Discounts to Increase Conversion Rate


Our client is a kid-centric brand selling comfortable headphones in cute, unique designs.

CozyPhones decided that they wanted to move away from selling on the Amazon marketplace and focus on direct-to-consumer sales. That's when this client began working with EmberTribe.

Our goal with CozyPhones was to increase overall conversion rate to compensate for lower AOV due to the move from Amazon.

Cozy Phones Facebook Ad


We decided to utilize Shopify's discount features to run a bundling discount. We offered a buy 3, get 25% automatically applied to your order at checkout. This approach allowed us to go after a higher AOV without messing with discount codes and potential user error from purchasers.




With this strategy, we were able to show shoppers that the discount was being applied in real time. This price transparency let users know that we didn't have any tricks up our sleeves or extra fees at the end. In fact, the user sees that they are getting the best price available, plus free shipping. 


From September to December we saw an increase in conversion rate from 1.7% to 3.3%.

CozyPhones conversion rate increase


In less than a year, EmberTribe developed and scaled this client’s Facebook advertising channel from virtually nothing to more than 400k signups per month. This has resulted in an expanded user base and a significant effect on its top-line revenue.

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