Exceeding Launch Sales Goals With Testing


Our client is Packed Party, a company that designs and manufactures unique gifts and accessories. Their products are sold in big box retail stores (such as Whole Foods, Neiman Marcus, and Walmart), as well as in small boutiques. 

This client had been trying to grow their D2C eCommerce store for a while, with little success. With the pandemic hitting, Packed Party realized they needed to focus more on their eCommerce store and strengthening D2C sales. 

Despite having a large following and a good amount invested in ad budget, this client struggled with profitability and they ultimately weren't able to scale. The client set a 2x ROAS goal.

PP sales to date


This client presented us with a few challenges. Firstly, most products are manufactured in limited amounts and sold until the product goes out of stock, meaning that most products have a limited run. 

Secondly, all ad creative must go through the client’s approval process. This is an understandable ask, but creates a potential for bottlenecking time sensitive creative featuring limited stock. Because most products are manufactured in limited amounts, we have to rotate creatives frequently.

Lastly, in the beginning of July the client presented ambitious sales goals for the coming months involving doubling budgets month-over-month.

Since product prices range from $8-$70+, we needed to make sure that we could maintain AOV and CPA by directing traffic the right way.


We took over the account and launched ads in the beginning of April. We needed to find traction first before we could start scaling.

We implemented a full funnel approach and launched ads that addressed the recent quarantine, along with a more general set of ad creatives. The quarantine ads were a win and we were able to hit client ROAS goals within 2 weeks of launching ads.

In order to hit the client's ambitious sales goal for July, we did a couple of things:
We launched a broad, new campaign, expanding our cold audience reach.
We tested ads for a new collection launch a few days before it was released and launched the collection with 2 winning ads. The client had a $7.5k goal for a new collection launch.


We were able to generate over 250 purchases the week of July’s new collection launch. In fact, launch day sales were $8.2K, amounting to their best sales day just behind BFCM and exceeding their initial launch goal.

In less than a year, EmberTribe developed and scaled this client’s Facebook advertising channel from virtually nothing to more than 400k signups per month. This has resulted in an expanded user base and a significant effect on its top-line revenue.

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