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8.6x Cold Audience ROAS Over the Last 30 Days

Finding High-End Buyers For Luxury Fitness Brand

Casa Pilates, a pilates equipment brand, carries all of the top Pilates brands and offers in-home delivery and assembly. This makes it easy and convenient for new Pilates enthusiasts to get a home studio setup. 

This client came to us to get help finding more of these enthusiasts, who would need to be convinced that it was not only feasible to set up home studios but worth the investment over the long term.

Active Targeting Reveals New Approaches

We focused on efforts on Facebook ads to find a winning combination of ads and audiences. After repeated testing of audience combinations, we realized that it was best to target audiences of 9-10 million people. Based on the audience, we created ads that varied in video product showcasing, ad copy focused on reviews, and high-quality images showing in-home setups to attract buyers from these groups. 

Casa Pilates Ad Example

We met and conquered several challenges during this campaign. Our cost monitoring found that Florida and California were expensive when it came to the cost per lead, so we switched our focus to the top-of-the-funnel (ToFu) for the rest of the USA. Also, at the start of the campaign, we encountered a high cart abandonment rate. We responded by heavily targeting these people with bottom-of-the-funnel (BoFu) engagements.

Refining Campaigns for Optimal Results

Thanks to rapid testing, we were able to incorporate other high-converting strategies into our tactics. 

Our approach was to first try a variety of different methods for targeting, and then refine them as we received the initial results. This resulted in a strategy that targeted groups of 9-10 million people within the USA, but without a focus on Florida or California. Then, we refined our BoFu targeting until Casa Pilates began to see weekly transactions.

We also found that using review testimonials as ad copy and including the URL in the same copy increased both CTR (click-through rate) and sales.

Scaling Spend to Generate a 168% Lift in Sales

Over the previous 30 days, we scaled advertising spend by 43% and generated a sales increase of 168%

Notably, the cost per conversion within the first 2,300 thousand impressions was only $52. Within that time, Casa Pilates netted an order of $3,400.

We are currently progressing with a strategy of using a CBO (campaign budget optimization) campaign to reach the audiences that turned out to be the most receptive. This has already led to weekly transactions and is expected to reduce the cost per conversion over time.

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