300% Lift in Revenue in 3 months


Curvy Couture supplies high-end bras for full cup sizes ranging from C to H and up to a 42” band for curvy women who don’t want to settle for plain traditional plus size bras. The bras have fun, feminine details with no lack of comfort.

Before we began working with Curvy Couture, they had used Facebook Ads extensively but knew there was much more opportunity available especially with their increased funding. One difficulty was selling bras without customers being able to try them. We had to convince women they would find the right size. 



Knowing fit was crucial, we focused on showing the fit through videos of models moving in the bras, and including testimonials, social proof/awards, and short copy hitting on the discomfort many women associate with bras.

For each of the 3 key styles: strapless, push-up and wire-free, we ended up finding high-performing videos and headlines that delivered strong Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) large enough to allow us to scale.


Our team also tested and iterated extensively with optimizations and creative including dynamic broad reach targeting, single images, videos, carousels and Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs). Single videos outperformed every other creative we tested, except for one wire-free single image with testimonial.



Our goal was purchases, so we led at the top of the funnel (TOFu) by showing the product in motion leveraging the client’s strong video content. This allowed our bottom-funnel (BOFu) efforts to reiterate social proof such as testimonials from past customers and award titles. Testimonials from other women on the fit and comfort often performed better than discounting. 


Over the course of 3 months we generated nearly $209,000 in revenue with a 2.1 ROAS. This was a 300% lift in revenue compared to the previous period.

Best of all, we were able to reach our spend targets while exceeding revenue goals!

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