Testing Assumptions to Achieve 3.85x ROAS


Our client, specializes in bamboo pajama sets and accessories for children. Before coming to EmberTribe, they were running their own ads but couldn’t get their ROAS to turn a profit. Their ROAS was around breakeven (1.15x) after 3 months of running ads. They determined they didn’t need to burn themselves out running their own ads, and brought EmberTribe on board to help.

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Our client was very hands on during the first 90 days and had specific instructions regarding creative, audience, and ROAS/volume goals. During this time, we achieved a 1.75x ROAS with 1,062 sales

Since we weren’t able to hit their goals after the first 90 days, we took a step back to reevaluate. Our team asked the client for full autonomy to do our EmberTribe thing, and they granted the request.

At this point, we decided to take a new approach and focus on ROAS first.

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We tested all assumptions the client had about their account to see where we could improve our approach. This meant calling into question their assumptions about ads, audiences, formats, and copy and testing different strategies to meet our client’s goals.

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After just one month of being given full reins to experiment, our team achieved profit and scaled to a 7 figure run rate.

Since then we have achieved 3.85x ROAS, and 4,034 sales. 

Ultimately, our best performing ads turned out to be ones that the client initially didn’t want to run - images featuring text. As it turns out, those were some of our top ads.

Our key takeaway? Just keep testing.

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