Making Sales Cry "Uncle" from Too Many Leads


PPL Labs helps fitness professionals optimize their web presence by building them high quality, SEO optimized websites designed to convert web traffic into customers. They also help small businesses drive web traffic through localized marketing, SEO, social media marketing and marketing automation.

Before EmberTribe, PPL Labs was working with an agency to drive leads via social advertising, which had proven to be a viable lead generation channel. However, PPL Labs CEO and Founder, Eugene Mann, noticed their lead volume declining. “Our cost per lead started to creep higher and higher,” says Mann, “The really frustrating part was how difficult it was to get in touch with senior management to express our concerns and find a solution. We had three or four different account managers work on our project before a senior team member finally stepped in.”



EmberTribe and PPL Labs started collaborating before any contracts were signed or a single dollar was spent by reviewing the company’s existing ad accounts. During this Facebook ad audit, the EmberTribe team identified several quick optimizations that would result in a rapid increase in ad performance.

PPL Labs spoke directly with EmberTribe’s senior management team who provided them with insights and suggestions that PPL Labs could implement based on the initial Facebook ad audit. EmberTribe also offered to implement a PPC strategy that would turn their declining PPC ad campaigns in 90 days.

PPL Labs challenged EmberTribe to implement this PPC strategy.


EmberTribe shows results in 30 days

The PPC experts at EmberTribe immediately took what they learned from PPL Lab’s Facebook audit and began to turn the insights and suggestions into a detailed strategy to rapidly decrease PPL Lab’s cost per lead.

EmberTribe researched the ad creatives and copy that PPL Lab’s competitors were most commonly using in their Facebook ads. The team also reviewed and analyzed the content that PPL Lab’s competitors were sharing and what pieces of content sparked the most organic reach.

Once EmberTribe had thoroughly researched PPL Lab’s competitors, they created and segmented targeted audiences. These audiences were created based on email addresses of current customers, recent signups, and recent website visitors. EmberTribe then used multivariate testing to test different ad images and copy rapidly. Custom reports were made using PPL Labs existing analytics platform so the team could easily track which ads were performing best and provide greater transparency into ad performance.


48.5% Decrease in cost per lead

EmberTribe decreased PPL labs cost per lead by 48.5% while increasing their lead volume by 13.2% after just 30 days. Despite the 90-day engagement, it took PPL Labs just 30 days to decide to partner with EmberTribe for a long-term engagement.

Today, PPL Labs relies on EmberTribe to drive its growth engine and plans on utilizing the agency for the foreseeable future. 

EmberTribe is providing more leads than our sales team is able to handle some days. We find ourselves having to ask them to turn the ads off so that we can catch up with the volume. I’m confident EmberTribe will be able to play a big part in our scaling efforts going forward.

Eugene Mann
CEO & Founder, PPL Labs

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