Selling Out an Online Boutique


Our client is an online women’s clothing boutique looking to ramp up sales and revenue, as well as expand their reach beyond their local geographic market.

The online boutiques market is crowded, and competition is fierce for buyer dollars. In addition, buying without physically seeing and feeling quality or trying on for size can scare away some shoppers, so finding the right target was key.

Our focus was to find net-new customers and increase reach while simultaneously producing profitable campaigns, all within a crowded marketplace online.



After defining who was buying from the store already, we dug into competitors. Not every boutique has the same approach, so finding crossover interests and similar buying patterns was key. We used all of this to form a baseline hypothesis and then produced a variety of messaging angles to cross-test against those cold audiences.



Our team relentlessly tested options on this account, segmenting by platform, age, and geography. We introduced all presentations, including carousels, videos and single image ads. We also narrowed to test shorter recency stacks.

Customizing creative by platform had a huge impact on both Click-Through Rate (CTR) and conversions, making it a worthwhile use of our time. Users could not be counted on to scroll through carousels on Instagram, but these same ads crushed performance on Facebook. In fact, extra-long carousels allowed users a mini shopping experience without leaving the platform -- an approach they rewarded with purchases in droves.

We quickly learned to keep creative simple, bright and light. At the end of the day, it’s difficult to craft a video for clothing that generates better purchase intent than a beautifully shot carousel.


In e-commerce, launching a sale is often a crutch to incite action. Seeking to avoid watering down revenues, our team deployed sales judiciously, reserving them for on-the-face buyers who had shown intent.

Additionally, we used the site’s clearance section to our advantage, bringing back past purchasers with high likelihood of upsell by teasing the discounts available from their favorite online boutique. Intentionally vague copy regarding quantities sparked viewer curiosity and drove higher response rates and website visits.


In 90 days, our team raised monthly spend from $800 up to $2,300. Best of all, this increase also corresponded to an increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 133%!

Monthly sales from Facebook Ads went from 25 at the outset up to 152, totalling nearly 400 at the end of three months.

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