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Taking On The Catering Giants

Seeking Sustainable Customer Acquisition Strategies

Cater Boom is an online platform where local caterers can connect with corporate teams to make catering any event simple, easy and on time.

They were inspired to work with us once they realized that all of their customers were from networking and direct sales calls. It wasn’t sustainable for long term growth so they knew they needed to work with a marketing partner to grow their business.

When we came in they didn’t have information about their funnel or ads dialed in yet. We were able to pinpoint specific areas of improvement in their landing pages and funnels to move them closer to generating predictable growth.


Changing the Approach to Fix Leaks

We tested their customer funnel but then found that their biggest obstacle for new customer orders was that they didn’t have enough vendor options for customers. At this point, we pivoted and focused on vendor acquisition.

Cater Boom is restricted to location and their customer funnel converts below .5% even with multiple tests to improve conversion rate. So we set up their ads to help prevent funnel ‘leaks’ as well as advised on multiple CRO tactics and strategies to improve their conversion rate.

Addressing Gaps to Profitable Growth

We were testing the hypothesis that we could drive customer orders from paid traffic but we found that the funnel, although it had a 1.5% conversion rate, wasn’t profitable enough to move the account forward on that strategy. We decided to pivot to building out a vendor-targeted funnel to address the vendor options gap for customers.

Identifying Key Obstacles

We generated 41 sales, but more importantly we were able to identify the key obstacle to growth for the business’ model - customers wanting more options in catering options.