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Segment to Spend Smarter

Achieving Results on Limited Spend

Legendary Foods specializes in low-sugar and heart-healthy nut butters and nut snacks. While some of their products are sold in retail locations, Legendary Foods was eager to significantly build revenue from direct online sales. They partnered with us to boost their online presence using tailored eCommerce marketing stratgies.

While the client knew they had a large potential audience, prior paid acquisition efforts had never resulted in significant profitability or revenue. Our goal was to boost ROAS to 2.5 within 90 days. Previous results were produced on small budgets and scale, so we knew we’d have to spend smarter to achieve results on limited spend.


Hyper Segmentation Uncovers Highest-Intent Audiences

Retargeting those who had engaged with a select few high performing Top of Funnel ads, we worked to hyper segment our best performing and highest-intent audiences.

We tested segmenting ads to target various time frames (such as last 1-7 days vs. last 15-180 days), different product selections and the introduction of cross selling.

This granularity of segmentation obviously allowed us to spend smarter, but more importantly, it uncovered sub-audiences that were performing better than average. These insights informed the creation of lookalike audiences, which we were able to leverage for hyper-specific targeting, rather than going too broad and missing the mark with messaging.

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Growing Horizontally Before Growing Vertically

Our team took a counter-intuitive approach, growing horizontally before growing vertically. During the engagement we tested nearly 100 different cold audiences, including interest-based and Lookalike audiences. We dug in deeper on funneling and retargeting to extract maximum value from successful ads, seeking to build a repeatable, scalable system that would allow us to bring in the revenue we desired.

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140% Positive Revenue Lift

Smart spending paid off. By the end of 90 days, we had grown ROAS 77% over the prior period while driving 140% greater revenue. This is especially relevant considering the prior period, included Black Friday and the holiday shopping season.