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8.77x ROAS in 3 Months for Courses for Sports Coaches


Client offers a variety of courses focused on helping athletes succeed by providing sports coaches a wealth of resources.

They came to us seeking help in launching their core course, their subscription offering, and another course that had not been successful in the past.

There were a few problems that kept us from being successful from the start:

  • Facebook Pixel was not properly set up to send events we were to optimize for
  • Client had limited budget to test all three offerings
  • There wasn’t enough traffic or history to work off of
  • Core audience was a bit challenging to find on Facebook through normal means

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After setting up tracking properly, we started out by generating leads to a pre-sale of the core course. In exchange for their email, we promised our subscribers that they would get notified once the course opened plus get a hefty discount when it does. 

We ran traffic and video views at the beginning as well to quickly test our ads, get engagement in them, and feed the Facebook Pixel to create more relevant audiences. 

For the subscription service, we quickly realized we couldn’t convert as profitably as the other offerings so further testing was out on hold to maximize budget.   



In figuring out who to target, we tried segmenting coaches into three groups: general coaches, coaches affiliated with sports performance associations, and coaches into nerdy sports performance topics. Additionally, we looked into different Facebook Groups where our audience likely got support from other coaches and compiled their members and their lookalikes with a tool.

Running in parallel with the initial email ask, we ran more lead generation campaigns offering ebooks that appealed to our audiences. This allowed us to nail down our audiences further.

When the pre-sale opened, we launched the middle and bottom of the funnel to retarget prospects with the discounted offer.

Once pre-sale closed, we continued running traffic to the course without a discount at a slightly lower spend until the course was about to close. We changed ads to create urgency and increased spend at the end of this launch.

We’ve done the same thing with the other course mentioned above, the one that hadn’t been successful, and saw great results here as well.



Efforts resulted in $67,564.19 in revenue from $7,704.77 invested (8.77 ROAS) in 3 months.

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