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Exceeding Our Client's Profitability Goal by 30%

Scaling While Staying on Budget

Ngan H. Nguyen helps her clients excel in their careers and hone in on success in their personal lives, as well. She was ready to take on greater challenges and was determined to scale up her business.

She came to EmberTribe to increase her number of leads and acquire some new clients.

We needed a digital ads strategy that would drive new sales while staying on budget and providing a great return on ad spend.

Setting Sustainable Goals

In order to position Ngan H. Nguyen’s business where she needed to be to scale, we set the goal to drive sales for her lead magnet offer at a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 1x or above. This means a 100% or more return on her advertising spend. She anticipated ongoing relationships and repeat business after the initial digital campaigns, which would allow her to scale up her business and expand her client base profitably over time. 

At the start, we were able to direct ads and use our media-buying acumen to avoid wasted spend. This drove efficiency, ensuring that our client got the best results on her ad-buying investment. Efficient spending means a sustainable strategy, allowing for continued investment in future campaigns. 

However, we began seeing a drop in conversion rates a couple of months into the project. When this was paired with increasing cost per thousand (CPM), we knew it was time to tighten our strategy. We needed to drop Ngan H. Nguyen’s costs while maintaining a high rate of conversions.

Optimizing for Winners

High CPM was negatively affecting ROAS results. We decided to examine our strategy and adjust our targeting. Making subtle changes in targeted audiences could help cut costs while keeping conversions at a satisfactory level. 


First, we focused on optimizing for winners. This acted as an anchor while testing new audiences and creatives. Then, we adjusted our targeting which allowed us to cut our CPM. We retained messaging that resonated with her very specific audience to iterate on our winning ads.

Testing and Stability Bring Consistent Results

Over time, our work led to a balance of testing and stability to bring consistent results while reaching for better conversions.  We exceeded our profitability goal by 30%—our campaigns clocked a ROAS of 1.34x, above our initial goal of 1x.