Narrow Audiences to Target More Effectively


Nova 3 Labs was founded by a pair of competitive athletes with a mission to provide a new and tailored approach to fueling and recovering the body. The company offers a line of supplements engineered to improve performance, expedite muscle recovery, support quality sleep and build better long-term health from the inside.

Nova 3 had hit a growth ceiling with their current audience. We needed to solve for the following constraints:

  • This is a diverse audience, from a range of athletes with different needs to soccer moms looking for additional energy. Top of funnel could not be “one size fits all”.
  • Customers only purchased specific products every few months, based on their supply, and weren’t aware of the additional benefits of other products. Getting more cross-sales would increase purchase frequency.


More education was needed across a range of channels and the target audience needed to narrow. This is a hard ask of a company that can see its products benefitting so many groups of people.

With customer buy-in, we set to narrowing our focus to the Crossfit community and creating a range of educational pieces to explain performance improvement provided by supplements specifically engineered for such a physically demanding sport. We then promoted these pieces through paid placement on Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Once a prospect engaged, we reinforced the Nova 3 brand messaging with social proof and additional Crossfit-specific resources to close the buying process.



Supplements -- particularly more sophisticated formulas, like Nova 3’s -- required additional education. With such a broad range of physical needs in what Nova 3 considered its base, from competitive athletes to athleisure moms, the education also had to be tailored to the specific audience.

Our analysis of first-party data revealed that nearly 60% of buyers engaged multiple channels before they ever carted a product. We needed to make sure they had information relevant to their own situation before they would purchase.



By restructuring the strategy from high-frequency touches of many smaller audiences (from athletes to casual gym goers) to consistently and intelligently retargeting one larger audience (Crossfitters), our team grew ROAS to ~400% monthly. So far our efforts have produced over $125,000 in direct consumer revenue on the site from more than 1,200 purchases.

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