Sky High ROAS and Over $200K in Revenue


Our client is Mattress Insider, an eCommerce company that primarily specializes in RV mattresses. This client engaged us to help them find creative ways to move beyond profit and scale revenue, especially through highlighting sales to customers.

This client wanted to keep CPA between $30-$60 and achieve a 10x ROAS with EmberTribe.

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We had been hitting goals for this client, but hadn’t hit the scaling phase just yet. The client approached us wanting to run a promotional message around COVID and lockdowns in the form of a mock letter that they hoped would cut through the clutter of “these unprecedented times.” Since we don’t shy away from testing a new message, our growth specialists were totally onboard.

Well, it turns out that this promotion tested so successfully that it shaped our upcoming promotions. Based on the positive feedback from the first ad campaign, we planned new campaigns with a similar long-form approach centered around a relevant and timely event (such as holidays and the election).

Once again, the testing validated that this format was a winner for Mattress Insider.

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The strategy for this client was to keep iterating on what turned out to be a successful message. We hypothesized that the discount didn’t need to be the main focus of the copy to have great sales. In fact, the discount barely played a factor in these ads...and it paid off!

Our client had a background in writing and took on the task of putting together long-form “letters” that directly addressed the audience with a tongue-in-cheek message. Instead of focusing on messaging around the sales, we ran these text-heavy ads with an almost satirical, off-beat message.


By finding an angle that resonated with their audience, Mattress Insider and EmberTribe were able to continue building out campaigns that far exceeded their initial goals. 

  • COVID letter campaign: 359 purchases, ~$171K in revenue, 17.07x ROAS
  • Labor Day Sale: 36 Purchases, ~$25.5K in revenue, 140.52x ROAS
  • Halloween Sale: 43 Purchases, ~$22k in revenue, 53x ROAS
  • Election Sale: 14 Purchases, ~11.2K in revenue, 10.05x ROAS


Halloween Sale


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