Drastic Decrease in Cost per Lead


Started by the founder of Dev Bootcamp, Learners Guild is transforming the $17 billion higher education industry by making it possible for anyone to develop valuable software development skills, regardless of their financial position. The company’s innovative financing model puts students first and aligns the Guild’s success with the students’ success.



Learners Guild approached EmberTribe looking for a partner to help reinvigorate its ineffective paid acquisition campaigns. The company had engaged a paid acquisition agency already, but Guild leadership wasn’t seeing the results that they had expected. After initial success, Facebook ads had declined in lead volume while acquisition costs rose, and the few leads that did come in were not converting into students. Something needed to change.


EmberTribe kicked off the partnership with a free audit of all of Learners Guild’s paid acquisition channels and landing pages. The team quickly uncovered a high friction signup flow that was causing a significant amount of leads to abandon the application process. This low-converting signup process was a major culprit behind their high cost per lead.

So EmberTribe went to work.

The team redesigned Learners Guild’s entire paid acquisition funnel, which included revamping their ad copy and creative, recreating their landing pages and building a low friction signup process.


After just two weeks of driving traffic through Facebook and Adwords to a completely reimagined marketing funnel, EmberTribe more than doubled the number of applications that were both requested and completed, while driving total customer acquisition cost down from over $30 per lead to just over $5.

Today, Learners Guild continues to rely on EmberTribe to optimize and innovate its paid acquisition funnel.

EmberTribe provided valuable insights from day one. Their chest of knowledge was deep enough that they could provide innovative solutions. However, they could explain their process in a way that made sense to us laymen. The EmberTribe team has been an incredibly valuable partner for us.

Karim Bishay
Head of Enrollment, Learners Guild

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