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2x Conversion Rate and 50% Sales Lift

Tailored Solutions to Turn Around Sales

Our client, OTG|247, is an eCommerce accessories brand that’s been in retail for several years now. Initially, their efforts to expand their brand in the marketplace involved trying out various software solutions. 

Unfortunately, they wound up purchasing a lot of applications (including Bronto for email marketing and NetSuite for customer relationship management or CRM) that they didn’t actually need and didn’t help achieve their goal to boost online sales. 

Furthermore, they kept encountering setbacks with the customized website theme, resulting in delays in making much-needed changes. OTG|247 had to utilize outside resources to execute what should have been much simpler changes in-house. 

Uncertain about what to do next and encountering the classic problem of “you don’t know what you don’t know,” they turned to EmberTribe to help. Our team worked to come up with a tailored solution to turn sales around fast.

Optimizing Shopify to Improve Conversions

EmberTribe stepped in and devised a plan to make some significant changes to their Shopify website. We anticipated this would be a key factor in increasing online store conversion rates as well as to guide sales upward.

Nov 19 - Nov 25 _ First week with website changes compared to previous week (1)

The team also prepared some promotions to generate excitement and draw engaged traffic, such as a Thanksgiving Promo to “Buy 3 and Save 20%.”

Implementing Strategic Store Updates

The team at EmberTribe realized that it was crucial to boost customer engagement on the site. To that end, we instituted the following improvements:

  • Upgraded the website, making it so that now when a customer hovers a cursor over product images, they will see different lifestyle images to highlight how they can be used.
  • Implemented a more reader-friendly design. We changed the product page from three columns to two columns and tested this with web browsers to prove it’s a more effective way to present the information.
  • Cleaned up the homepage so the message was clear and inviting. The original homepage was just too cluttered and confusing, making it less attractive to potential customers. Now it’s much more user-friendly, both on the desktop and when viewed on a smartphone.

In addition, we consolidated audience testing to be more strategic with allocating the budget. That’s crucial, especially when planning sales during the biggest holiday shopping period of the year.

Engaged Traffic Begets Boosted Sales

OTG|247 saw sales improvements from their promotions in large part thanks to the website revamp. The changes helped to boost engagement, as more traffic appeared and visitors tended to stay longer. 

The client achieved a huge increase in sales after the new website edits went live. Even more impressively, they enjoyed a significant boost in their online store conversion rate. 

Online Store Conversions from 11.19 - 12

Sales through the site continued to rise following the Thanksgiving promotion that we devised, resulting in a 5.33x ROAS.

Our analysis of the website data showed that the website conversion rate improved by more than 100% and online site sales increased by 50% in the initial week we implemented the changes, as compared to the previous week.