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Achieving 4.95x ROAS on Pinterest

Diversifying Platforms to Get Results

Baltic Essentials offers a line of all-natural jewelry for infants, children, and adults. They came to us to grow their brand and increase their business. We wanted to diversify the platforms they were advertising on to find new audiences.

How Pinterest Ads Boost Sales

With its highly visual interface, Pinterest ads seemed like a perfect fit for Baltic Essentials’ offerings. Pinterest is a platform where many users seek out and save inspirations -- in fact, 77% of Pinterest users say they have discovered a new brand or product there. 

Baltic Essentials Pinterest

Pinterest has a lot of features that make it a favorite for eCommerce, especially in the jewelry niche. First, the platform makes it very easy to reach people based on interests. You can narrow down your ads based on demographic options like age, gender, and location, as well as find new prospects who have similar behavior to your existing customers. Pinterest boasts an average return that is twice as high as other social media, so we saw an exciting opportunity to get our client some great results.

Gaining Traction on Pinterest

At first, we didn't get a lot of traction on Pinterest. We aim for at least 3x ROAS on every platform, and our results on Pinterest just weren't where we wanted them.

Was this platform just a poor fit for our client? We weren't ready to give up, so we decided it was time to try out some new strategies.

We decided to start testing ads on Pinterest that had performed well on Facebook. The types of ads being run on Pinterest were not super diverse, so we felt that adding fresh ones could shake up our results.

Pinterest rewards fresh content with better exposure, so adding something new to the platform was just what was needed. While keeping in line with Pinterest's best practices regarding eye-catching photos and engaging captions, we were able to win the attention of new prospects. 

Surpassing Our ROAS Goal on Pinterest

Not every ad was a winner, but the ones that were hit it out of the park. We surpassed our 3x goal by a significant amount. Over 30 days, we achieved a 4.95x ROAS on Pinterest!

Baltic Essentials Pinterest Results