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There is no denying that search engine marketing is one of the most reliable ways for any company to generate leads. However, Google Adwords can be an expensive and a limiting advertising platform for a company on a tight marketing budget.

Recently, EmberTribe began working with a company in the job search industry that had successfully generated qualified leads through search engine marketing for years. However, to achieve the rapid growth that they desired, they needed to find an additional low cost and high volume user acquisition channel.

In an effort to diversify its user acquisition channels, the job search giant spent months experimenting in-house with Facebook advertising but found little success. They approached EmberTribe in the hopes that EmberTribe’s pay-per-click team could prove that Facebook advertising was a viable user acquisition channel for them.

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EmberTribe conducted a pre-engagement audit over the client’s Facebook advertising, Adwords, and Google Analytics accounts and was able to identify several areas of immediate improvement. EmberTribe’s senior management team then worked closely with the client to outline a path to a user acquisition cost of $3.00 at that could scale to 1,000’s of acquisitions per month.

After understanding EmberTribe’s approach, this client decided to partner with EmberTribe for a short-term engagement.



Tasked with developing what was essentially a new lead generation channel, EmberTribe began the 90-day partnership by conducting research into the client’s target audience, it’s competitor’s advertising campaigns, and it’s competitor’s content.

EmberTribe was then able to leverage the clients existing traffic and user base to create dozens of test audiences. These “look-a-like” audiences, which were created using the client’s current list of email addresses, were further segmented by industry and refined to exclude current users.

Armed with a substantial amount of market research to go along with a series of targeted audiences, EmberTribe created and tested hundreds of ad variations and made adjustments and iterations as certain ads proved to be successful.

Additionally, EmberTribe created a proprietary software solution that allowed them to track and analyze Facebook Ad conversions on an hourly basis at no additional cost to the client. This software solution allowed EmberTribe’s senior management team to create and present powerful reports, which it presented to the client during its weekly meetings.


Scaled up to over 400,000 unique signups PER MONTH in less than 12 months

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After just three weeks, EmberTribe decreased the client’s cost per lead by 57%, going from $3.00 per lead to just $1.30. What’s even more important is that EmberTribe was able to develop a new lead generation channel to diversify the approach to acquisition. Today, Facebook advertising is one of this client’s largest and most cost effective user acquisition channels. User acquisition cost is now just $0.50 for Facebook ads and is responsible for over adding 400k new users every month.

In less than a year, EmberTribe developed and scaled this client’s Facebook advertising channel from virtually nothing to more than 400k signups per month. This has resulted in an expanded user base and a significant effect on its top-line revenue.

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