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Taking an eCommerce startup from $31.6k/month to $74k/month in revenue in 3 Months


Only Human is an eCommerce store that releases a new cause-based line of apparel each month and gives 10% of profits to the non-profit organization. 

One of the obstacles we were overcoming was a small budget that wasn't allowing to scale to the brand's potential. With the budget we had we were averaging over a 3x ROAS each month. 



Onlyhumanad2We were willing to work within budgetary constraints for the first couple of months, developing strong audiences and contributing to other business goals i.e. adding new advocates.

Starting with a smaller monthly budget to test quickly, establish more brand awareness, and develop strong audiences across TOFU and MOFU to make scaling a smoother process.

After 2 months, we were able to move away from the approval process for new ads, allowing us to test faster and be more responsive to trends and successful copy/creatives.

To further solve our budget issues, we connected our client with Clearbanc to help them get the money needed to scale aggressively. If you're in the same budget constraint boat, we highly recommend connecting with them here. 

Only Human Ad3Strategy

High engagement on most ads and a very loyal, supportive brand following helped us to establish strong brand trust for cold audiences.

Only Human has great, regular photoshoot content for their evergreen products as well as their monthly collections. They also have a private Facebook group for advocates where we are able to pull high quality user generated content from.

  • Broad audience targeting for casual clothes, athleisure, as well as social causes were key to scaling effectively. 


We profitably increased ad spend from $8k to over $27k/month on Facebook in 3 months. Plus monthly revenue has increased from $31.6k to over $74k from Facebook in that same timeframe. Their 2020 revenue goal is $213,996 and we have already reached $130,607 on Facebook alone. Total sales for 2020 are $222,627 so far - $207,314 of this is attributed to the online store. 


only human results


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