A Renewed Approach to Double Sales


Our client is a mid-to-high-end men’s jeans brand, Bulletprufe. They are an established brand with a unique value proposition, and they came to us to help tackle the challenge of selling a pair of jeans for >$100.

We set out to increase sales for our client despite the high price point. 

Bulletprufe Ad creative


Because jeans aren’t always popular during the hot summer months, it was somewhat difficult to increase sales in the summer. We also faced the challenge of serving specific ads to audiences because we want to let users pick their jeans color, meaning we typically send them to the homepage.


Even though sales dropped off a little in the Summer, by the end of the Summer we anticipated renewed interest and opportunities to bring in new sales.

We decided to experiment at the end of Summer/beginning of Fall with a lot of new interest and lookalike audiences. Once weather began cooling down, customers came back swinging thanks to our renewed approach and renewed interest in the product. 


Our client made over $100k in September, which was more than double what we brought in in August. We will continue to iterate and optimize based on September sales to keep bringing in orders for our client.

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