Holiday Success Powered by Testing


Our client supplies high-end maternity and nursing gear for women interested in breastfeeding their child who don’t want to settle for frumpy, unattractive “mom wear”. They had dabbled in Facebook Ads but knew there was much more opportunity available - they just didn’t have the time or expertise to spend pursuing it.

Maternity and nursing is a crowded space, and there are lots of opinions about what’s appropriate, what’s comfortable and what’s attractive. Additionally, this brand had a mid-tier price point and was opposed to discounts, which meant we needed to exclude bargain hunters and find ways to close the deal without sale codes.


We tested multiple “cold” audiences based on interests (mom brands, baby brands, competitors) and lookalikes (purchases, customer lists, site visits). We ended up finding 5 high-performing audiences that delivered strong Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and were large enough to allow us to scale.

Our team also tested and iterated extensively with creative, including single images, videos, carousels and Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs). Single videos outperformed almost every other creative we tested. We also saw great success while testing multiple videos in a carousel format. When possible, we also utilized user-generated content (UGC) showcasing the product line in action.


Our goal was direct-response purchases, so we led at the top of the funnel (TOFu) by piquing awareness with videos of the products in action, then focused our bottom-funnel (BOFu) efforts on social proof such as testimonials from past customers. Especially with the audience, the mom-to-mom social proof performed very well, even better than some small test discounts we offered.

We also focused our efforts on more shots of the product line in-use, in the wild, as customers expressed in comments that seeing them laid flat or on a model did not engender confidence that the product would work for their situation.


Over the course of 3 months we generated nearly $25,000 in revenue with a 2.85 ROAS. This was a 51% lift in ROAS compared to other campaigns the client ran during the same time period.

Best of all, these results were achieved during the holiday season when CPMs are at their highest and ad competition is most fierce!


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