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6 Figure Revenue and 5.12x ROAS for This Boutique 


Our client is Girl’s Clothing Hut, a children's clothing boutique. We’ve been engaged with this client for about 6 months and we’ve been tackling a few challenges for them. 

  1. Increase ROAS and purchases. 
  2. Increase purchases after sales
  3. Generate consistently high purchase numbers week-over-week

One particular problem we wanted to solve for recently was that we would advertise for a brand-new outfit and it would sell out overnight. It’s a great problem to have in theory, but this created a constant issue of running an ad and immediately having to pull the ad down. Another problem we wanted to solve was increasing full-price purchases.

The main goal for this client has been remaining above a 3x ROAS and keeping up-to-date on inventory cycles.

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To overcome the problem of having to pull ads for out of stock outfits, our client used past data to determine what outfits should have more inventory at the beginning of the sale. We used this information to run video ads that showcased several outfits alongside single images of outfits. This meant that we weren’t constantly having to monitor ads to turn off immediately after a sale.

To address the setback of inconsistent purchases after a big sale, we had to think creatively to figure out how to get people to purchase after things were full price again. Our solution was to run all ads concurrently with each other and slowly figure out what campaign strategy would work best with the audiences that we were advertising to.


Audiences that are mega-sized (30M+) usually eat up spend and don't always get the returns that businesses would want.

Through experimentation, we gathered that less specific audiences (i.e. audiences with kids) with 1-2 interests actually performed really well. The less specific we got, the more return we saw. From there, we’ve focused on finding audiences that are high-performing and long-lasting. That means that we’ve had a few audiences peter out pretty quickly, but overall we are learning more about the target audiences that are interested in the client’s boutique clothing, sale or no sale.

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We have run the account at 5.12x ROAS on average since beginning our engagement with this client in March 2020, well above the 3x ROAS target.

CTR is 6.31%, much higher than the average click-through rate benchmark for Facebook apparel advertisers. On top of that, CPC (cost-per-click) is just $0.37.

Revenue since we've started running ads for them is over $241,000. But the biggest win is that In the 6 months we have worked with them, we’ve made them more money than they did for the entire calendar year prior to our partnership.

Before EmberTribe:

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After EmberTribe:

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