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Growing an Established Brand


When Girl's Clothing Hut started working with EmberTribe, they were already an established brand but wanted to continue to scale their conversions.  

There was some inventory issues regarding popular styles selling out, and we couldn’t use ads that included those styles.

Screen Recording 2020-05-04 at PM


Screen Recording 2020-05-04 at PMInstead of completely getting rid of imagery of popular styles, we integrated it into videos and gifs that would take people to the new arrivals page.

We had to make sure we weren’t using any single image ads of styles that were mostly sold out.

We utilized ad creative that allowed us to use the imagery, without taking customers to product pages that were sold out, and also introduced customers to new, similar products.




Parents want cute, affordable clothing for their children. In the age of social media, they want to share photos that show their kids wearing stylish clothes. We knew that we would have to showcase the clothing in cute, eye-catching ways, but without being too flashy, so that parents would be able to visualize their kids in the clothing.

  • You can easily look at this product and think Millennial Moms would be really into this clothing. It’s cheap, cute, and very social-media friendly. Instead, they made almost no purchases, while other Mom audiences made a ton of them.
  • We believed that audiences weren’t just limited to grandparents and a specific kind of mom, but to moms and other caregivers of all backgrounds and interests.




In just one month, EmberTribe was able to produce 369 sales with a 7.11x average ROAS across all campaigns, seeing as high as 17x on a campaign during one week. 


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