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Increasing B2B Software Client Base by 127x


Building Awareness for a B2B Software Solution

Our client, Parabol, is a B2B software company that provides tech solutions to create more effective retrospective meetings for both in-person or remote development teams. 

In addition to giving these meetings a definitive and more efficient structure, Parabol software makes it easier for individual team members to contribute to the proceedings and offer their input. 

Parabol came to EmberTribe in order to generate greater awareness of its benefits among software developers and boost the number of prospective customers demoing their software and creating company accounts.

Aligning Tracking For More Robust Analysis

When the EmberTribe team first began working with Parabol, we inherited an event tracking record from their former Google Ads campaign that was, frankly, a true mess. This resulted in reams of initial campaign data that was largely unreliable. 

We quickly resolved this issue by creating new triggers and tags in their Google Tag Manager account that refined and optimized the specific events that were most important to track. In particular, we wanted to set both demo trials and accounts created as essential final conversion metrics.

Launching Tests With a Multiple-Channel Approach

As the first step to accomplishing Parabol’s general goals, the EmberTribe team began by running ads for Parabol on both Google and Facebook. With this approach, we could reach users at different levels of assumed consumer intent. 

After attracting and tracking these users for several months, we introduced Google display campaigns that addressed user needs at both the top and middle of the marketing funnel. Building upon the success of those campaigns, we abandoned the now under-performing Facebook ads to achieve an outstanding rate of cost per conversion—at times even dropping below $1.20 per conversion.

Achieving a 92% Decrease in Cost Per Conversion

As a result of EmberTribe’s efforts, Parabol went from 15 conversions for a cost of $17.10 each in June to 1,931 conversions with a cost of $1.28 each in January. 

At times, we have even driven Parabol’s cost per conversion rate lower than $1.20. 

Parabol graph

All told, the EmberTribe team has achieved a 92 percent decrease in Parabol’s ongoing cost per conversion rate while boosting Parabol’s total client base by a measure of 127x.