Creating Solutions for Long-Term Success


1767 Designs is a Nashville based artwork brand that uses materials from demolished homes to build wall art, furniture, home goods, and custom projects. 

What caused them to want to work with us? Overall profitability concerns based on Facebook data has been our main challenge. This is caused by 2 factors: 

  • Custom order sales info is processed through a system that isn’t connected to the Facebook pixel so we aren’t able to see direct results from Facebook ads.
  • The buying cycle is most often a couple of weeks long, so we also miss attribution for these sales. 


We’ve built a great relationship with the client, who, based on one-on-one design consultations for custom orders, says that the majority of customers come in after seeing an ad on Facebook or Instagram. We have also seen a steady correlation between Shopify sales data and scaling spend, so the client knew they could trust us to continue scaling with success in mind.  Even with 1x ROAS on Facebook, our client was confident that the ad spend would pay off. 

Initially we aimed for a 2x ROAS, but in 2020 we decided to drop our goal to a 1x ROAS. We have been able to maintain a lifetime 2.7x ROAS for this client.

We monitor Shopify reports as well as Facebook to get more insight on ad performance.


What was the high-level thinking that informed our problem-solving?

We originally lowered the ROAS goal to 1x to prove whether or not sales would increase over a longer time. When we saw this was true, we stuck with a 1x ROAS goal.

One iteration we used focused cold creatives on a $20 discount offer for subscribing to the newsletter. This strategy helped us build a highly profitable email list for long term success and brought in $37,835 in sales in just 4 months.


May 2020 was the most successful month (so far) for 1767 Designs. This is a significant win because previously, a promotion or sale was needed to see this volume of purchases. 

While ROAS has decreased in part because of a strategy shift for 2020, we have grown the conversion value by 171%. 

In less than a year, EmberTribe developed and scaled this client’s Facebook advertising channel from virtually nothing to more than 400k signups per month. This has resulted in an expanded user base and a significant effect on its top-line revenue.

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