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Rapid Testing Brings Hundreds of Leads

Targeting the "Untargetable" on Facebook

Giving Hope is a fertility clinic based in Dallas, TX. Wanting to recruit more qualified egg donors, Giving Hope turned to EmberTribe for more effective lead generation. We were tasked with driving qualified donors to their site through Facebook ads.

There are very stringent standards for egg donors; they need to be young, athletic, educated, with a clean health history and within a close geographic proximity of the fertility clinic. Many egg recipients go a step further and request donors with specific eye or hair colors, advanced degrees, or those who fit a number of other strict criteria. Since many of these characteristics are not targetable on Facebook or other ad platforms, finding high quality donors was a concern.


Narrowing Down Target Lead Audiences

We worked with Giving Hope to first get a general definition who the ideal donor applicant would be. Then, we narrowed in and tested different demographic and interest targeting to not only uncover what got us applicants at the cheapest cost per lead but also what yielded us the highest quality applicants.


Finding the Perfect Targeting Formula

While we experimented with a variety of different interest targeting criteria, our best success came from targeting women who met certain educational standards and were interested in topics related to health and fitness. This combination delivered us the highest volume of high quality candidates.

Once we had a steady flow of quality candidates, we were able to use lookalike audiences to further expand our targeting.

Our team relentlessly tested new copy and imagery to produce the most engaging ads possible. From testing various emojis to highlighting financial benefits vs. altruistic motivations to testing sonogram photos vs. images of happy families, the quest for better performance was never ending.


Over 1,400 Leads for <$6 Each

Our testing paid off by delivering high relevance scores (8-9), as well as a continuous flow of high quality donor leads.


Over the course of a year, our campaigns delivered more than 1,400 leads for an average of less than $6 each and our ad traffic converted at a rate of 17%.



Best of all, our client was happy with the impact on her clinic’s operations. Here's what she had to say:


“After working with other firms, we have found that EmberTribe is hands down the BEST in the industry. They work diligently to make sure that we are striving to reach our weekly goals in advertising by focusing intently on finding the right leads for us. The customer service is outstanding, which is hard to find these days. I have nothing but excellent things to say about team at EmberTribe. Their goal is to make sure we as the customer receive the results we need to grow our business.”

- Cresta Davila, Director