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2x Daily Average Sales Thanks to Email Campaign

New Approaches to Increase Top-Line Revenue

Our client, Fusion Belts, is an eCommerce brand that specializes in selling running belts. Primarily operated online, this brand provides quality fitness accessories to a wide range of individuals who are focused on increasing their physical fitness and need appropriate accessories to do so effectively.

Fusion Belts' founder came to EmberTribe to increase their sales through paid traffic. We’ve been working with them for about a year and have developed winning creative and target audiences that boosted YoY sales from 2019 to 2020.

FusionBelts 1

In Q1 of 2021, we faced a new challenge for this client: selling out overstock. Fusion Belts wanted to increase their top-line revenue by boosting sales for an overstocked product in their store. We needed to determine how we could profitably sell their overstock in a coordinated push.

Coordinating Profitable Email Campaigns

Though the running belts have sold well in the past, our client wanted to employ a strategy to move the product more quickly. We decided to take advantage of their email list since customers on an email list are primed to buy—they have typically either bought from a store previously or have joined an email list specifically because they want to keep up to date on brand news and sales. 

FusionBelts 2

To move these items, we developed an email campaign to promote their awesome sale. This allowed them to use our existing assets (an established email list and proven creative assets)  to quickly move the running belts without having to invest in ad spend.

Email Gets Impressive Sales

We developed a series of four emails to help promote the belts to our client’s email list. We know that emails are an effective channel for driving purchases—the average email conversion rate in 2020 was 15.11%. If done correctly, email campaigns can bring in impressive sales.  

Because the belts are brightly colored, EmberTribe crafted emails with Stripo and Klaviyo using a combination of fun copy and colorful imagery to reflect that style. 

With every dollar spent in email marketing resulting in an average of $42 in revenue, we knew this was a great low-cost path for our client to boost revenue quickly. Fusion Belts was able to quickly move the overstocked belts, maximizing their revenue in a short period of time.

2x Daily Sales Average

After sending the four email blasts to our client’s customer list, Fusion Belts immediately saw a ~$1,000 increase in daily revenue, more than 2x their daily sales average.

FusionBelts 3

By employing agile marketing techniques, our growth specialists proved that paid traffic isn’t the only tool this client needs to get significant sales.