Proactively Capturing eCommerce Leads 


Our client, Infinity Salt Air, sells a machine that spins very small particles of salt into the air. The salt, in turn, more or less gives your lungs a giant scrub. It’s marketed for people with COPD, Asthma, any type of breathing difficulty, or even people with bad allergies.

The client had an original version of the machine that sold out, and were ready to introduce an updated model. Working with this client, we decided to be proactive and create lead ads while waiting for the new model to come in. With lead ads, we determine that we could drive people to an email list that we'd later use for email blasts when the new machine came in.

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Since the company had a new machine in the works but not ready to launch, we knew that we didn't want to lose the opportunity to reach customers but that we couldn't drive traffic to an out of stock landing page.

We approached this engagement as a chance to be proactive and reach customers to generate interested. We could then use what we learned in the original learning phase to get a leg up in lead ads when we launched.


After rapid testing ad creative, we determined that we would create lead ads with the winning ad and drive those people to an email list through Klaviyo.

We used high performing interest ad sets and utilized the data that we collected in original purchase conversion ads to create lookalikes based on view contents and cart ads that we then drove the lead ads to.


Within the first week, we captured 507 leads at $0.95 per lead. Around a month later, we had captured 2,438 leads at $0.74 per lead. With this strategy alone, we had 3,000 warm audience leads. 

In less than a year, EmberTribe developed and scaled this client’s Facebook advertising channel from virtually nothing to more than 400k signups per month. This has resulted in an expanded user base and a significant effect on its top-line revenue.

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